5 Incredible survival stories that will give you goosebumps

The human body may seem fragile but the bond with our loved ones can put the power to survive to test in extreme conditions. People have overcome some of the unimaginable situations literally where they are supposed to be dead. Check out these incredible survival and endurance stories that might give you goosebumps.

Soviet Submarine crew

In 1960 Soviet submariners were running a training exercise where they shoot torpedoes at the under sea targets. The 14 crew members submarine shot their first torpedo but the missile did not leave the blast. The crew moved on to the second mission thinking the missile was dead one but suddenly the missile exploded sending the vessel to the ocean floor. The crew members panicked, and were running all over the place not knowing what to do. One of the crew members shot gun fires to calm the members down.

They later decided the only way out is through the empty torpedo tube, in order to do so, they had to acclimate their bodies slowly to match the water pressure out side of the ship. The men ascended to the surface with the use of their equipment for their bodies to adjust, some did act agitated but all 14 members survived.

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The day I fell from sky

Juliane Koepcke, a young German girl living in Peru with her zoologist’s parents, was travelling with her mother to a different part of the country. While in the air the flight was hit by a lightning making it implode, Juliane fell from the sky while still buckled to her seat. She crashed some two miles to earth landing in the Amazon rain forest, when she gained conscious, she had a broken color bone and lost half of her vision. She walked around and found out she is the only survivor. In the thick jungle, Juliane knew if she can find a water stream it will lead her to civilization. 

She went on for nine days, she did not get any sleep as the bugs have infected her wounds, on the nineth day she found and small boat with gasoline for its engine she remembered once her father cured an animal with maggots with gasoline, she did the same for her wounds and took 35 creepy crawlers out of her wounds. The owners of the boat found her and took her back a 7 hours journey where she could be air lifted to a hospital. Julian survived and later wrote a book called “When I fell from the sky”.

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A World War II escape

In February 1941, a Polish war veteran along with a hand full of other prisoners escaped from a Russian gulag. The group first had to go through the punishing frozen landscape of Siberian winter and then through the heat of the Tibetan desert before descending the Himalayas. The group sucked frost to stay hydrated, hunted and fish as they travelled and finally made it to British governed India. The veteran waited 60 years to tell the story. The bestselling book “The long walk” is inspired by this story.

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The plane crash in Ande’s Mountain

In 1972 a charter flight carrying a Rugby team of 45 players and the team staff crashed in the Ande’s mountain while on the way for a match in Chile. The extreme cold and snow limited the rescue efforts. 19 people died. An avalanche left the rest of the survivors without shelter and food. Luckily many of them were strong, athletic and young with a will to survive, most of them perished as the days went by. However, 16 men survived these harsh weathers with frequent snow storms and avalanches for 72 days before they were rescued. They had to even eat the flesh of their dead mates in order to survive.

In 2012 the players held the rugby match they were supposed to play in 1972 to mark the 40th anniversary of their survival.

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The man who came back from the dead twice

A Texan named Beck Weather was left for dead twice while climbing the mount Everest. Due to the low oxygen levels, the group and to leave him and proceed the 13 hours track, he was told that the second team will pick him up but as the weather plummets and ten hours went by there was no second team as the two members of the second group including the expedition leader Rob Hall perished at the top to an avalanche. 

On their way down the first team saw weathers who was too ill to continue and they had no choice but to leave him for dead as he looked almost dead. Long after that a doctor found weathers who is without a glove and left his jacket opened also decided that weathers condition looks beyond saving and thought he is already passed away. A miracle happened as weathers woke up from his hyperthymic Coma and walked down the mountain himself until he found a low-level camp. He lost several of his limbs and his nose due to frost bites but survived. 

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