Top 5 Mysterious Places Around The Globe

You’ve got a sane curious mind? A little nosy speculative trait? And a wandering imagination? Then, my dear, adventures would definitely top your bucket list! Just like a good night’s sleep and equally good friends are essential for the equilibrium of your being, traveling is vital. Anyone who has journeyed outside his or her comfort zone would definitely attest to the exhilaration that being in a new alternate environment entails.

That being established, your destinations are of primal importance. As your experience results largely from the location you choose, you have to work your brain muscles efficaciously for remarkable upshots. And, here we come to your rescue with the list of Top 5 Mysterious Places to satiate your passion for exploration and discoveries.

1.The Travertine Pools- Pamukkale Of Turkey

This cliff of shimmery snow-white limestone is one of the most spectacular natural phenomena you will ever see. As water, rich with minerals from the natural hot springs flows, it forms white travertines terraces containing carbonate minerals. These pools of water in the terraces give the semblance that they lay on white fluffy cotton bowls, hence the name, Pamukkale which means ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish.

The mesmerizing colors that are evoked when the sun rays grace these pools at the correct angles is a sight that’s going to be forever etched in your mind.

After all, these are the exact reasons why hundreds of tourists arrive at Pamukkale situated in Denizli southwestern Turkey, every day.

2.Vinicunca – Rainbow Mountain Of Peru

One of the numerous wonders of nature is the Vinicunca, amasing Rainbow mountain of Peru. Adorned with spacious lines of pastel blue, intense red, green, pink, and yellow, this mountain looks like a magical mirage coaxed out of a fairy tale. The combination of these palpable colors and the finesse of their ranges, simply take your breath away.

And one thing is for sure, their vivacity is surely going to do wonders to your senses.

There are currently no scientific explanations for this phenomenon which increases its charm and multiplies its mysteriousness.

3.Red Beach – Tianzin, China

Woah! If I ever got to name one natural romantic place, Red Beach is going to be it! It’s literally spell-binding!

Every year in Autumn, this beach in China beautifully blooms with Suaeda Salsa, a red-colored plant that grows luxuriantly in salty water. The whole beach blossoms in red, leaving only thin strips of sea visible, giving off the image of peaceful scenery, straight out of your dreams.

Imagine strolling around with your significant other in a lovely pirogue. Bliss!

4.Chocolate Hills In Philippines

These limestone chocolate hills of Bohol are exceptional as they are only covered in grass and the cone shape is more or less common to all, with a difference in size. These hills look chocolaty only during dry season when the grass withers and turns brown and look like giant chocolate kisses.

So you know just when to venture these shockingly resembling delicacies hills, guys!

Different kind of grass species and ferns thrive on these hills. The addition of lush trees growing on their bases and verdant rings around the almost bare cone shaped hills magnify its mind boggling natural beauty.

Perfect location for a family holiday!

5.Sea Of Stars On Vaadhoo Island – Maldives

As if the islands of Maldives weren’t marvelous enough, come night time, Vaadhoo Island unveils another one of its mystical revelations:

Glowing blue waves, lapping the sandy shore giving the allure of an impossibly soothing vision.

The Vaadhoo Island is one of the Raa Atoll islands in the Maldives. It’s a tiny island with just over 500 inhabitants, but its Sea of Stars phenomenon has left its imprint on the memory of planet Earth.

Portray yourself on the beach in the dead of the night, observing this spectacular scene of shimmery azure waves and shining stars. Blimey!

That would equal living a fantasy!

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