Beauty routine before going to sleep

The beauty routines are what we enjoy every day to care for our skin and become a whole basic for beauty. We must include routines in the morning and at night and some additional treatments that can improve the skin or hair. But these routines become the basis of the care we carry out.

Before going to sleep, the beauty routine is key because during sleep, our skin regenerates and protects itself from all possible damage that may be in it during the day. That is why the routine before sleeping is essential to avoid aging and increase the effect of the beauty products we use.

Cleans in depth

One of the first things recommended when you do your beauty routines for the night is that you clean your face well. This is essential because we are exposed to pollution, substances, and dirt that we do not notice but that remain on the skin during the day. In order for it to regenerate overnight, any remaining dirt must be removed. Above all, try to remove makeup well. Use products that are good as cleansers or micellar water, recommended for all skin types, and remove all types of dirt, from makeup to pollution that remains on the skin thanks to micelles. It does it in a gentle way and without harming the skin, which is why it is highly recommended.

Exfoliate from time to time

The peeling is ideal for removing dead skin and make, so the best treatments penetrate into the dermis. But it should not be done in excess, or we can create problems in the skin, especially if it is sensitive. That is why it is essential to know how to exfoliate. You can do it with a specific scrub for the face, since they are gentler than body scrubs. You can do it once a week and gently massage the skin avoiding the eye area. So you will notice how your skin is very soft.

Use tonics

Toners for the night are a good product to prepare the skin for hydration. Normally micellar water also acts as a tonic, but if you are one of those who use another cleansing product, you have to get a good tonic. These tonics close the pores and prepare the skin.

Hydrates and regenerates

Hydration is another key part of the care of facial bedtime routine. We must choose a night moisturizer since they have different formulas from the creams we use during the day. These night creams tend to be more hydrating and help to regenerate and nourish the skin in-depth to repair the damage that the skin has had during the day. In this way, we get the skin to avoid aging due to pollution or daily stress.

Get a serum

The serum act nourishes our skin with the best ingredients. It is good to use them at night because the skin rests and becomes oxygenated, so that it acts in depth. It improves our skin in many aspects, depending on the chosen serum. Some hydrate, others keep the skin youthful, and others give it radiance.

Try to sleep well

All this is useless if the skin does not rest, because the truth is that our skin regenerates with rest. If we don’t rest well, we wake up with tired skin and more wrinkles. That is why the quality of rest is key for the skin to recover.

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