How stress influences your beauty

If you think that beauty is just a matter of using expensive creams and products, the truth is that all this goes much further. On the one hand is your genetics, which will always make you have to focus on some things more than others. On the other hand, other factors such as lifestyle and stress matter, which we will talk about today.

Let’s see how stress influences your beauty. It is one of the things that can intercede the most in your beauty, since stress affects our body in general and causes some hormones to increase, and we have physiological changes in the body. A factor that is an enemy of your beauty.

Aging of the skin

The skin is one of the most affected when we have continuous stress. This factor increases the skin’s oxidative stress that causes free radicals to increase and attack the skin with various effects. It is common for stress to appear prematurely wrinkles if our lifestyle causes us to be stressed every day for years. In addition, it is common for other skin problems such as dermatitis or eczema to appear frequently. The skin reacts a lot to stress and sometimes loses its balance, making the protective layer less effective. So we will have not only a more marked aging but also more frequent skin problems.

Dandruff or acne

It is usual that when stress appears, we show other problems that are not very aesthetic. Many more impurities appear on the face, and there are those who suffer from genuine acne breakouts, so they have to do double the effort to keep their face clean. On the other hand, problems such as dandruff can also appear on the skin, since the scalp also suffers from stress.

Hair loss

Although there are certain times when hair tends to fall naturally, it does not always happen due to seasonal loss. Sometimes hair falls out during certain stressful situations. If, in addition, the stress is continued, we may see how our hair does not grow as before. It is a situation that is usually quite common in people who are prone to hair loss. If the process is repeated and the hair does not grow well, the hair follicle ends up closing permanently, losing density in the hair. That is why we must avoid stress and treat hair loss as soon as possible.

Dark circles and puffy eyes

Another area in which we can notice changes in beauty is in our face. If we are stressed, that usually spoils the quality of sleep, and this is essential for our brain and body to rest and recover from daily wear and tear. But if this break does not come, we have various problems. It is usually much more noticeable in the eyes, since dark circles appear very often, and it is also common for you to have puffy eyes, since fluids and toxins accumulate. You will notice a more tired look in which wrinkles also appear earlier because the skin cannot regenerate at night. You have already heard the importance of a good rest to wake up with a younger face more than once.

Nutritional problems

When we are stressed, we eat worse, which directly affects our beauty and health. A good diet is the basis for being healthy and beautiful, there is no doubt about that. Hence, with stress, we are less hydrated, we eat more sugars and packaged and unhealthy products that make us feel better momentarily. In this case, the solution to avoid gaining weight and aging prematurely also involves controlling food and eating healthy.

By TVOC Editor

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