How to get that fresh skin again

A fresh and refreshed looking skin is difficult to achieve if we are in the middle of Christmas excesses. So we are going to give you some ideas to get fresh skin again. The skin is one of the things that says the most about how we take care of ourselves or whether we are tired or not, so we must take great care of it. It is useless to wear a lot of makeup if our skin is damaged.

During Christmas, we spend ourselves with food, calories, and alcohol, plus we sleep less. All this finally makes our skin look duller, lifeless, and even many more impurities appear. That is why we must take care of it again on the days when we put excesses aside.

Mask with honey and lemon

Both to hydrate and to combat impurities, we have this great mask. If you want your skin to look fresh and smooth again, deep hydration is something that is essential. Honey has great moisturizing properties, although it is also antibacterial, so it is ideal to prevent those impurities from ending up being inflamed pimples on our face. For its part, the lemon helps to remove impurities and also to eliminate fat. If your skin is dry, you can only use honey to hydrate. It is a great ingredient for the skin, and you will see how much smoother and brighter it is afterward.

Exfoliate your skin

The skin exfoliation should be done carefully, especially in the face. If your skin is sensitive, buy an exfoliator that is gentle and specific, or ask if it is something good for the skin. Exfoliation helps us remove dead skin and have much more radiant and fresh skin, so it is a basic step. It should be done about twice a month but no more or it could be harmful to our face. Gently exfoliate with circular movements avoiding the eye contour area. Remove the product with water and finally apply the moisturizer. You will notice the change in your skin.

Drink a lot of water

These days of excesses cause us to accumulate many toxins in our body, which translates into a much duller skin with impurities. One of the keys to make skin look great again is to increase hydration in our body. The more water we drink, the more toxins we will eliminate from the body, and our skin will also be much more hydrated. You will easily notice the difference because the skin shines brighter and appears softer when hydration is optimal. You can help yourself with infusions and natural juices to ingest more fluids daily.

Mask with aloe vera

If your skin is sensitive, these excesses may be taking their toll in the form of redness and imperfections. If you want to take care of this type of skin, it is important to use ingredients that do not harm it. An aloe vera mask can be really beneficial in this sense to soothe the skin and to restore the hydration that it lacks.

Use a serum

Serums are cosmetics with concentrated ingredients that help us to enhance the effect of our usual creams. Buy a serum to add hydration, smoothness, or radiance to your skin and apply it these days. It’s like applying a cocktail of ingredients to your skin. If you also do it before going to sleep, the effect will be even better. You will wake up with a great effect of a good face. Serums have all kinds of ingredients, and we can certainly find a type of serum for every skin problem.

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