How to Use Jade Face Rollers

The jade roller is one of the great basics in our beauty. Among its great benefits is that of stimulating blood circulation, which is no longer a small thing.

But it has many others, and therefore, to be welcoming them, we also have to apply the roller in a correct way. For this, we mention the key or basic points through which the stone has to pass. To achieve the expected result, we have to follow a few simple steps.

Jade roller massage on the neck

The neck is one of the areas that usually worry us over time. Because wrinkles are settling in it, even if we don’t want to. It is true that always keeping the area hydrated and with specific creams is always a good idea, but on the other hand, there is the jade roller. In this case, it is also perfect to say goodbye to wrinkles and, of course, to those of the neck. To achieve this, we need a little patience and make upward movements in that area. Although they do not always have to be linear, you can give them the curves that you consider to reach more skin, although always upwards.

The cold is perfect for the eye contour

How could it be otherwise, when we mention wrinkles, we always end up talking about the eye contour. But it is a really sensitive area. So the skin is thinner, and as such, it can suffer more. As the jade roller will be cold, nothing like this sensation to stimulate the area and lower the bags that are located in the lower part of the eye. Thus, activating circulation and leaving the skin smoother than we think. The gesture also has to be upward, but in this case, with shorter movements than those, we did for the neck. Remember to follow the line of the eyebrows, stretching well towards the part of the temple.

Activates both cheekbones and cheeks

From the part of the nose and even near the temple, we will take the part of the cheekbones and cheeks as a race. But again, without forgetting that they will always be steps upwards. So, in addition to accentuating wrinkles, it will also eliminate toxins while relaxing the muscles of the face, and your skin will appear much more luminous.

Reduces wrinkles on the forehead

Another of the complicated areas, along with the neck, is the forehead. Because of all the expressions that we usually make, it always tends to reveal more wrinkles. So also the jade roller will have to do its great function. It goes without saying that the movements will go from the part of the eyebrows to the beginning of the hair. But in this case, we do not have to draw straight lines, but they can be somewhat irregular, as long as they always go upwards. In addition to this idea in general, you can always press the part of the eyebrow lightly to continue going up to the hairline. The pressure will make the stimulation even greater, so we must not forget it.

Draw the outline of the face

What better way to draw the contour of the face than by rolling the roller over the chin area. In this case, we return to talking about pressure and also, being able to draw both up and down. Although it is true that to delimit it, the best thing is upwards as we have been seeing. The face will be smoother and more defined, to frame it much more. Have you already tried it?

By TVOC Editor

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