Japanese manicure, the new trend for your nails

There are many types of manicures, and above all, we have heard of the beautiful French manicure, always so classic and elegant. But it turns out that a new trend has arrived that can take center stage to the well-known French manicure, the Japanese manicure, a new way to care for your nails.

For years, gel nails and long nails in which all kinds of products were used became fashionable, but we have seen how this leads to brittle and damaged nails in many cases. Natural nails suffer from these processes, and hence the Japanese manicure has become so popular.

Do you need a Japanese manicure?

Long gel nails with daring designs may be your thing. In that case, the Japanese manicure, so discreet and natural, may not be your thing. However, if you like natural nails and have brittle nails that will need extra care, this type of Japanese manicure is indicated. It is designed to recover damaged nails and to strengthen nails that break easily. So for all those who have seen how their nails are bad from day to day or due to inappropriate treatments, a type of manicure has arrived to take care of them and make them look more beautiful.

What is Japanese manicure?

The Japanese manicure consists of a set of cares that make our nails regain shine and strength. They are not only going to be cared for but also nurtured. In this manicure, the usual first steps of any manicure are performed. The remains of any enamel or product on them are removed. They are then filed into the desired shape, and the cuticles are removed to give them a cleaner and more perfect appearance.

The next step of the Japanese manicure is the most important, since it is massaged with a moisturizing cream, and instead of applying polish as we would always do, a specially formulated paste is applied to recover your nails and make them stronger. This paste has beeswax, vitamins, keratin, and seaweed with antibacterial properties. 

What this mixture does is, on the one hand, nourish the nails, on the other, give them strength with vitamins and keratin and avoid bacteria with the algae to keep them totally healthy. The final result is achieved by polishing the nail so that the paste penetrates and applying pearl powder of marine origin that nourishes the nail and gives it a shiny appearance.

The most natural nails

Although we know that gel nails and enameled nails are still a growing trend, it does not hurt to take care of your nails from time to time with a manicure like this. Many people are benefiting from Japanese manicures by returning to natural-looking nails for a while in order to take maximum care of them. It is useless to use enamels to beautify them if the natural nail is damaged.

Other ways to take care of your nails

If you think it’s time to give your nails a break, you may have ways to do a manicure from home. You can remove the polish and apply olive oil on the nails daily, several times if possible, massaging until this oil is absorbed. It is one of the best ways to strengthen nails to prevent breakage and to give them a beautiful natural shine. It is important to let the nails recover after manicures such as gel or after using enamels that can be aggressive with them.

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