Red hair care

The red hair is one of the most desirable this season. It is a type of copper or red color, depending on the tone we choose. It is a color that we can hardly see in someone naturally, since redheads are not very abundant, and this type of hair, like blonde, tends to darken. That must be why it is one of the most coveted colors.

The red hair is very unusual and interesting. Wearing it may not be easy, since it is a tone that does not look good on everyone, but without a doubt, many women fall in love with this lively and beautiful tone. Find out what care a reddish hair requires.

Are you ready for reddish hair?

This type of hair is one of the most beautiful and interesting, but it is certainly not easy to get it to look nice. Also, reddish tends to look better on whiter skin, because it is a strong tone that is usually accompanied by this type of pale complexion. If you also have freckles on your face, it will look really natural. But anyway we have a wide variety of red tones on the market when choosing. The most natural are the ones that succeed, but there are many different colors. You have to keep in mind that it requires a lot of care so that the hair remains with a uniform tone. Also, if you want a light red and your base is dark, you will have to bleach your hair so that it takes on the color. Otherwise you will get another shade darker. The base of our hair should always be taken into account to avoid surprises. In case you are not clear about it, it is better that you let yourself be advised by a professional.

Beware of UV rays

One of the things that can most spoil a color, of whatever type, is UV rays. We noticed that the tones last us less during the summer, the blonde can be lighter, but other tones such as brown lighten. The reddish tone usually takes on lighter and oxidized orange tones that not everyone likes. Hence, one of the first things we have to do is prevent the sun from damaging our hair. We can wear scarves or hats in summer. But it is also good to have sunscreen for your hair if we go to the beach or pool. In these places where we expose ourselves so much, the color tends to spoil quickly.

Try not to wash daily

The washing is another thing that can end quickly with a nice reddish color. This type of hair has a dye that will fade little by little with washing, so it is always better to avoid washing your hair daily to space out visits to the hairdresser to recover the color. When you don’t have completely clean hair, opt for braided ponytails and buns.

Hair products

You have to get good hair care products if you want to keep that pretty red hair. Products for colored hair of this type have to be specific for colored hair. Usually, these shampoos and products have formulas that try not to spoil the color and keep it for as long as possible. So you can get a nice red color in your hair for longer.

Hydrate your hair

Hair with a beautiful color is also healthy hair. If your hair is dry, its tone will hardly be appreciated. That is why you have to hydrate it with products such as masks or oils.

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