Tips to maintain the perfect blonde tone

Having blonde hair can be a dream or a nightmare. Much is said about blonde hair, but little about how sacrificed they are. Whether it is natural blonde hair, dyed, or with highlights, it has some basic care that we should not miss.

Purple shampoo / Blue shampoo

These purple shampoos are special for blonde hair. That they are specialized does not mean that they have a high price. As in all products, we can find variety in the ranges.

But what is purple shampoo? Yes, they are the shampoos that are used for gray hair. According to experts: “To preserve the cool tone of blonde hair, we recommend using a gray shampoo. These products are able to effectively remove yellow reflections from dyed hair, keeping the beautiful cool tone. Eliminate the yellow reflections and show off beautiful platinum blonde hair! “

Repair mask

On many occasions, blonde hair is due to discoloration. This causes the hair to be damaged and that it needs a lot of care and hydration. For this, we must never forget the application of a mask, as well as a serum on the ends. If we have naturally blonde hair, the easiest thing is that we have very fine hair. Fine hair breaks very easily. This causes the ends to split or that we do not get much volume.

Given this, the best we can do is apply moisturizing and repairing masks. We can find specific blonde hair. And let the hair dry naturally. That is, the less dryer we apply, the better. The same goes for the tweezers or the irons. Direct heat sources are not suitable for hairs that are so fine or already damaged by bleaching.

Also, let’s keep in mind if we have dyed blonde hair that had already been dyed. That is, we are applying an aggressive dye or bleach on hair that had already suffered aggressiveness. So moisturizing and repairing treatments will be essential in these cases.

Chamomile for a natural blonde

Natural blonde hair is frankly difficult to keep. So most people who are born with blonde hair need to maintain it with specific products. A highly recommended product is chamomile. Besides being a very moisturizing and nourishing product, it is also a good ally to maintain a natural blonde. If we use these lotions or shampoos, we will achieve a much more natural and long-lasting appearance.

In addition, blonde hair usually has a certain streaky tone. That is, it is not homogeneous. We can achieve this with highlights, but also with these products that are natural lighteners. In fact, something very good for your hair will be applying chamomile to it. Yes, infused chamomile. We make a fairly concentrated chamomile infusion; It will depend on the length of our hair, as well as the amount of hair we have. We wait for the water in which we make the chamomile infusion to temper and apply it to the scalp, until the tips are soaked. We let it take effect until it dries. Ideally, wait for the sun to dry. And then we wash our hair. In this way, we will achieve nourished, silky blonde hair with incredible results.

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