Treatments to recover your hands in winter

This winter, our hands are more resentful than ever with the use of hydroalcoholic gels, and with the cold it is, so it is common for our hands to be dry and with problems. Well-groomed hands are hydrated, wrinkle-free, and blemish-free, and there are many ways to do it to help your hands recover.

We are going to tell you about some treatments to recover your hands in winter. With these products, you can once again enjoy soft and renewed hands. On a daily basis, we should take care of them to prevent aging or have problems such as dryness.

Exfoliate your hands

The skin’s exfoliation is always important because it helps us remove dead skin and leave the skin much smoother. For this, you can use an exfoliating mask that you make at home. Use brown sugar and a little olive oil. With this mixture, you will already have an exfoliator that will hydrate you at the same time. Use this mixture to massage your hands and finally remove it with a cotton ball or tissue. You can also remove it with a little soapy water.

Use olive oil on your nails

If your nails have been weakened by work, then you may need to do some treatment on them. Olive oil is a very important ingredient in case you want to strengthen your nails, as it helps to nourish them in depth. You can dip them in a little oil or use a few drops on the nails to massage them. If you do this daily and avoid using nail polish in the meantime, your nails will get much stronger and brighter.

Apple cider vinegar for stains

Spots on the skin are a problem that appears on many occasions due to prolonged exposure to the sun and age. These spots can be mitigated, and one of the things we must do is use sunscreen on our hands daily to prevent them from appearing. But if you have any, the best you can do is use a little apple cider vinegar on the skin and let it work for a little while before washing your hands.

Use aloe vera to rejuvenate them

The hands are an area in which the passage of time is noticeable very early, so it is essential to use products to care for them and keep them young for longer. Aloe vera is a highly valued ingredient for this purpose since this gel treats problems such as dermatitis or redness and serves to rejuvenate them and prevent sagging or wrinkles from appearing. Aloe vera gel can be bought in various creams or used when we remove it from the inside of the plant in its gel form.

Almond oil for hydration

The hands should be moisturized daily. During the winter and during the pandemic, the main problem has been that the hands are not hydrated, and they feel very dry. Almond oil is one of the most hydrating that we have and that can be used to recover the skin, as it is very similar to the lipids that it secretes naturally. It is an oil that is not very expensive, and that is also perfect for the skin, to keep it young and hydrated. Use this oil in the morning and at night with a few drops. They will not only help you improve your skin but also strengthen your nails. This almond oil can be used to massage the hands. You will see the change in a few days.

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