The 8 Most Protected People In The World

Besides money and power, one of the things that set us apart from a-list celebs world leaders in the Royals is that they can’t do everyday things like popping out for groceries without an entourage of security following them some important figures go to more extreme links than others to keep themselves safe and coming up is a list of some of the most protected people in the world.


I know what you’re thinking an undefeated Pro heavyweight boxer should be able to protect himself right with a net worth of at least five hundred and sixty million Floyd Mayweather jr lives a life of luxury. he said to own a fleet of 100 premium cars and a collection of seven-figure watches and he lives in a 22,000 square foot Las Vegas mansion which he purchased for a cool 27 million so it’s no surprise that Mayweather has spared no expense when it comes to making sure he has backup you know just in case some bozo decides to square up outside of the ring he’s protected by the b biggest guys everywhere he goes in the form of four of the biggest guys you will ever see.


Jay-z and Beyonce are one of the world’s greatest power couples and their insane security measures hold up to and 2014 politician Hakeem Jeffries even rallied for stronger presidential security by pointing out that jay-z had more personal protection than Barack Obama and 2018 it was reported that the couple intended to build a security fortress around their 88 million 30,000 square foot palatial belt-air mansion which was already fitted with bulletproof windows and a huge metal gate security was also a top priority. at the birth of their first child Blue Ivy in 2012 with the report stating that Jay shootout 1.3 million to keep bay and the baby c clinics and Hospital which boasts luxury birthing suites at 2400 per night was given an upgrade and fitted with bulletproof windows and.


Bill Gates being the third richest man in the world comes with its own set of problems. One of these is that pretty much any normal person is going to be incredibly jealous and that could be dangerous. Bill Gates learned this the hard way when he took a cream pie to the face in Brussels in 1998 and since then his security measures have skyrocketed security at the Microsoft Office in Redmond was seriously beefed up with windows so thick it was bombed brew and any employees wishing to speak with gates required an invitation and an escort to his heavily guarded private floor. His 127 million dollars private compound Xanadu 2.0 is also equipped with some pretty next-level security provisions this is one of the planet’s greatest tech giants we’re talking about after all.

The whole house is equipped with special sensors which interact with guests we’re given a unique pin as they enter to control lighting and temperature this doubles up as a sneaky security measure though as the floors also have sensors which log the individual weight of each guest and match it with their pen this means that anyone entering without a registered pen isn’t going to take more than a few steps.


Pope Francis is one of the world’s most important religious figures but not everyone is a diehard fan that means some serious protection is needed. The Pope has a dedicated and highly trained security service at its disposal if you’ve ever noticed these guys who look like they’re on their way to a live-action role-playing event then you’ll know who I’m talking about. these colorful warriors are known as the Swiss Guard who is one of the oldest military units still under operation having been established in 1506 under pope Julius the 3rd. they’re also one of the smallest armies with just 110 to 125 X Swiss soldiers serving at any one-time recruits must be unmarried Catholic men 19 to 30 years of age and at least 5 foot 8 tall with the basic military.


You might consider Mark Zuckerberg as one of the more humble billionaires out there. but the reality is that the cost of protecting the Facebook tycoon far exceeds that of any other bigwig CEO in 2018 alone it cost Facebook a whopping 22 million just to keep Zuckerberg and his family safe which was a massive increase from figures of 7.3 million in 2017 and just 2.6 million in 2013. This is probably a result of Facebook getting caught up in various recent scandals involving data protection which are often associated directly with Zuckerberg himself. Reports state that the Facebook Board of Directors now provides Zuckerberg with a ten million dollar security grant per year on top of the measures already in place which covers extra expenses like equipment and residential improvements.


Even before he was elected for president in the United States he was just a business billionaire. Donald Trump only hired former Secret Service agents and members of the Navy SEALs special forces for his protection with greater responsibility and way more enemies around the world the president has now totally redefined the meaning of high security according to CNN.

Protecting Trump and his family before taking office in 2016 cost New York City a million dollars per day and he’s insane figures haven’t decreased since Trump is estimated to cost taxpayers more than three times the Obama’s and security measures for an equivalent period in 2018 his presidential visit to the UK cost 18 million and required an extra 10,000 police officers to be deployed on trips like this his complex parade of armored vehicles motorcycles helicopters and trucks each with a specific role to play in overseeing his safety is a real sight to behold.


Ever wondered what it takes to protect the most important monarch in the world? The answer is a lot of planning more expertly qualified first now than you can shake a stick at and a hell of a lot of taxpayer’s cash every movement the Queen and her immediate family makes are monitored by an estimated 185 SAS trained officers known as the royal protection squad who were formed in 1983. After an unfortunate security breach saw Queen Liz waking up to find a member of the public named Michael Fagan at her bedside. The RPS operates out of a former police station built next to Buckingham Palace for nearly two and a half million dollars and the total cost of maintaining the security force is an estimated annual cost of 35 million these carefully selected officers are the crème de la crème of Protective Services.

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