10 Tips to dress more elegant over 30

Each person has their own style of dress. But that doesn’t stop you from learning a few tricks to help you better fit certain pieces into your wardrobe. Sometimes, a simple change in the color or the model of some pieces can make your look more elegant, especially when you are old enough for that, which is from 30 years old. See these simple tips and choose which one makes sense to you.

1) Black boots

Black boots with low heels are a big catch in your closet, as they go well with just about everything. If you choose a more neutral model, you can wear it with pants, shorts, and a skirt of various lengths.

2) Skinny pants

Every woman can wear skinny pants, just choose a model that fits the body to be comfortable and not too attached to the body. For more formal occasions, prefer the plain ones. For informal occasions, rips are welcome. In any case, choose the models that leave part of the cinnamon on display.

3) Striped blouse

The horizontal stripes make some women afraid of looking fatter, but it all depends on the composition. If you put a blazer on and choose thinner stripes, it will solve the problem.

4) White t-shirt

The white shirt has the same function as the black low-top boot in your closet: it is that piece that you can use as a base for almost any look. It needs to be in good condition, without dents or stains, as it is a simple piece.

5) Faux fur coat

Do you love a fur coat, but don’t want to look exaggerated? Choose a hip-length model and pair it with jeans.

6) High collar blouse

A high collar blouse is also interesting, especially when you work in places where you need to preserve your seriousness. As this is a heavier piece, opt for plain models, with lighter fabrics.

7) Silk scarf

Having a silk scarf is being ready to add that look to any style. It can be worn around the neck or wrist, looser or tight. Be careful not to overdo the accessories when using it.

8) Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is a synonym for elegance and is also a very cool piece for those who are already 30 years old and want to look like a young adult. It can be combined with boots, shoes, sneakers, and sandals.

9) Above all

In winter, there is nothing like a good place to be present. Go beyond basic black and buy a lighter piece, like caramel, to make the look lighter with this piece that is heavy.

10) White sports shoes for everyday use

A good white sneaker serves to compose almost any look. Of course, depending on the model. If you choose a more basic one, like these from Adidas in the photo above, you will be able to wear it with a skirt, dress, shorts, pants, light fabrics, and jeans.

By TVOC Editor

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