Sunglasses: the trends of eyewear to invest in the summer

Sunglasses fans, unite! Summer is approaching, and the accessory becomes an essential item in the look. Check out the following article, which are the eyewear trends that should dominate the looks of the next season.

On sunny days, no accessory fits a look better than beautiful sunglasses! As well as a quality sunscreen, the item is indispensable for a walk, picnic, or pool day when temperatures rise. That’s because, in addition to being a fashion item, it also protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays. 

In this article, we have some eyewear trends and tips on incorporating each to summer for you to learn more before investing in their glasses. No matter your face shape or budget, these are the best sunglasses to wear this summer—no teeny-tiny wirey ones included.


Have you noticed that, more and more, items with retro air are on the rise? Just like the tie-dye, spotted print that landed from the 60s and 70s, the kitty frame is a classic with inspiration in the past. Originally from the 50s, it has already been used by icons in the fashion world, such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and remains in the ranking of favorites today. It can appear in narrower or larger and geometric lenses, just see which one best suits your face shape and style.


The neutral tone is an almost unanimous classic in fashion and could not be left out when it comes to sunglasses. The white frame can be more rounded or with straight lines and guarantees an extra touch of style to the looks. It is perfect with patterns like poá and floral, which also bring that classy air. White frame sunglasses are a trend perfect for summer


Colored lenses are another eyewear item that is definitely here to stay. In vibrant shades of red and orange or in more delicate colors, such as lilac and baby pink, they have already stolen the scene in looks by famous and Brazilian and international fashionistas in various sizes and models. Rounded, kitten, hexagonal, possibilities abound. What’s more, some models of glasses combine a frame in one color and lens in another. It is to play without fear in the colors!


Like the cat, the rectangular frame has a retro feel. Appeared in international fashion weeks and everyone became a darling of it, girls, around the world, like sisters Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid. It works well on different face types and can bring a modern touch to the look. Therefore, it can work in more stripped-down productions, with sweatpants and shorts or counterpointing a more ladylike dress. Check the gallery above for more inspirations to stay stylish and protected in the summer!

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