10 recent releases that you can enjoy from your bed

The message has been very clear to everyone: YOU MUST NOT LEAVE HOME! For this simple reason you should avoid going to the cinemas, yes, maybe it sounds very complicated, especially if you are a cinephile person, but you have to do it. Fortunately, in Hollywood, they are adapting to everything and are delaying the release of some of their movies, but they are also considering renting their latest releases so you can see them from your home.

Here we leave you the list of movies that will make you feel as if you were in the cinema.

1. The invisible man

This is a film adapted from HG Wells’s 1897 novel, which tells the story of Griffin, a billionaire who is an expert manipulator who manages to control the minds of his family and partner, Cecilia. After Cecilia manages to escape physical and psychological abuse, the media announce that Griffin commits suicide; after this, the girl begins to notice a strange presence in her new home.

Starring Elisabeth Moss, Storm Reid, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Aldis Hodge, it is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can enjoy it from March 20 on any platform.

2. Bloodshot

Starring Vin Diesel, the film is based on the best-selling comic book in the history of the United States and tells how a soldier is killed in action and revived as a superhero named Bloodshot.

It will be available from March 24.

3. Birds of prey

In The Suicide Squad, we had a first glimpse of the villain Harley Quinn, but this movie is just about her and a group of girls coming together to save Cassandra Cain, a little thief, from the crime master in Gotham City named Black Mask. In addition to having action-packed scenes, the film also has overtones of humor that definitely make it a lot of fun.

4. Vivarium

Gemma and Tom are a couple who decide to take the next step in their relationship: living together. Because of this, their real estate agent takes them to a development where all the houses are identical, but they are so upset that they do not buy the house; instead, they leave. However, the gas in their car runs out, and they have to take refuge in the house marked with the number 9. The next day, when they are about to leave, they realize that the door is sealed and there is only a box with food, a baby and a note indicating that they must feed and care for it to free themselves.

5. Onward

The Disney animated film tells the story of Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two elven brothers who will have to carry out an important mission to find their father. Although they will encounter some obstacles, you will be able to free them all since they will have their magical powers and the unconditional support that they have for each other.

6. Tape

Based on true events, Tape is a story about two aspiring actresses who have to face the dark side of the entertainment industry.

7. Sea Fever

A ship’s crew is lost in the middle of the Irish Sea. Everyone is in danger since a parasite has managed to infect their water supply, and if they cannot contain it, their fate can be fatal.

8. Bad Therapy

Judy Small is a marriage counsellor, or at least that’s what people believe. She actually has a very scary secret, plus she’s destroying her “patient’s” relationship.

9. Endings, beginnings

A woman in Los Angeles unlocks the mysteries to her life after meeting two handsome best friends at a party.

10. True History of the Kelly Gang

The film is inspired by Peter Carey’s novel, which tells of Ned Kelly and his gang, an outlaw who died by hanging in Melbourne, United States.

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