Check out these 5 exercises that will help you maintain mental health

The mental health is as important as the physical. Unfortunately, we often ignore the need to keep it healthy because, unlike any bruise or scratch on our body, we cannot see its damage.

The mind and the body are inextricably linked. What we do in each of these spheres is reflected in the other. Small habits (all of them simple) can improve a person’s mental quality. So, we must enjoy the benefits of physical activity, also for the mind.

So check out 5 mental health tips below, which focus not just on the mind, but on exploring the physical and mental fitness that everyone has. After all, perhaps the best exercises for the brain are in the body itself.

Hiking and running

200 minutes a week. That is, less than 30 minutes a day. This is when it takes for the brain to start realizing the benefits of physical activity. The daily habit is important not to overload certain days of the week with exercises and serves as a stimulus to practice the activity every day.

Hiking and running are a great example of combining physical and mental health in a single moment. Exercises help to relieve body tension and relax muscles; besides, they release endorphins in the brain. Less tense body, less tense mind. On this side, it is possible to understand why physical activities are recommended even for cases of depression.


The practice of Yoga is a good choice for those who want to combine physical activity and relaxation. It reduces stress and anxiety, and is recommended for people who have symptoms of post-traumatic stress. Fundamental to stimulate the brain and perform exercises for concentration.

Thus, in addition to providing evident improvements in the physical aspect, Yoga causes a moment of self-reflection and abstraction. Important moments that sometimes go unnoticed in a more hectic routine, but fundamental for mental health.


The focus and attention on physical sensations are the differentials of this type of exercise. In this sense, the person’s mental state is improved by the level of concentration required and the subsequent relaxation of physical activity muscles.

Weight training can also help people who have an anxiety disorder. Moderate intensity exercises combine physical and mental health. The activity helps the nervous system in responding to immobilization stimuli (the characteristic of the disorder). Therefore, physical exercise and health are synonymous.

Team sports

Football, basketball or volleyball. Or none of those three. Choose a sport that is most attractive to you and start practising. The important thing in this regard and the only requirement is that the defined sport be practised as a team.

What we are looking for in this topic is his social factor. The stimulus generated by the presence of other people is fundamental to mental health. Doing something as a team allows the development of several communication skills, in addition to sharpening empathy and solidarity with people.


What do you think about doing exercises for memory, attention and perception while sitting? Cycling allows all of this and requires less of the body than other exercises. The practice is recommended for people with joint problems, as the activity does not directly impact them.

Free practice can also be a great opportunity to de-stress. Because it is an activity usually done individually, it allows moments when we talk to ourselves. The pause for reflection is essential for better mental health.

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