Discover the benefits of Physalis or golden berry

Do you know the Physalis or goldenberry? It is a fruit that has a long tradition behind it, and above all, it is striking for its great properties. So it is essential in our desserts or to take it every day with healthy dishes and benefit from it.

The fruit is small and round orange. But it comes wrapped in a kind of peel that we remove to savor a fruit that has both a sweet touch and a slightly acidic one. 

Physalis is composed of numerous vitamins

You have to start by saying that fruit like this is made up of numerous vitamins. Which already makes it one of the first details that we look at. On the one hand, it has vitamin A, which means that it takes care of our bones, helps in the skin and mucous tissues, as well as the growth of nails or hair. Without forgetting that it is also perfect for eye health. But it also has vitamins B1, B2, and B3. The latter is one of those necessary for the nervous system. In addition to improving blood circulation and being perfect to say goodbye to cholesterol. Of course, vitamin C is also present in it.

A great source of energy

As we well know, fruits always have to be present in any diet worth it’s salt. As in this case, there are many that provide us with a large energy dose. So the Physalis or golden berries do have that power to give us a good shot of energy but with very few calories. Since about 100 grams of them, they only have 53 calories.

Powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants such as polyphenols or carotenoids are present in fruit like this. Both will protect the cells from wear and tear, so they are also another detail that we should not overlook. In addition to this, we also know that they fight the signs of aging and help prevent certain diseases. Also, it is said that it is better to take them when they are very mature, to be able to soak up their maximum properties. Although at any time, they will help you.

Physalis or golden berry is anti-inflammatory

While antioxidants are always good news for our body, being anti-inflammatory is not far behind. Because as we know, we can complain of various pains in different parts of the body. But before taking medications, when the pain is not very intense, food can help us. Hence the natural anti-inflammatories start to play. Strengthening the immune system and strengthening bones are two steps that foods like Physalis will take. Have you tried it yet?

Regulates cholesterol

They have essential fatty acids, which will keep cholesterol at bay. Another very important reason for having such food. As we also know, high cholesterol levels can leave us with significant health problems and without warning. So, within a healthy diet, foods like Physalis also have to be protagonists. Bad cholesterol will fall, but it does not have an impact on good cholesterol.

Lowers blood glucose levels

It’s also perfect for keeping glucose in check. Since part of it also has it that this fruit has so much fiber. What makes you struggle with glucose, and its absorption is going to be noticeably reduced. So it is always synonymous with good news for our body. Of course, remember to take it regularly to achieve this end.

By TVOC Editor

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