Eating raw garlic a day, is it good or bad?

If you’ve ever heard how important it is to eat raw garlic a day, you may be interested in learning more about this topic. Eating raw garlic is claimed to fight cholesterol and support the immune system.

If you are one of those, who decide to try and want to discover everything that can help you improve your health, keep reading these lines so that you can learn about the benefits of raw garlic and discover if it is good or bad to take it.

Garlic is known as the natural antibiotic par excellence, it is beneficial to prevent certain diseases, although it is best to check its characteristics, benefits, and properties.

Garlic is a very common food used in all cultures of the world at a gastronomic level, it helps us enhance flavors and is ideal for a large number of preparations while helping us take care of our body.

Throughout history, garlic has not only been incorporated into food recipes, but also into natural remedies, it has been believed that due to its aroma and flavor, it has great medicinal properties.

Garlic properties

Garlic is a very healthy food, which not only the aroma or its taste have made it so popular, but also its medicinal properties because it has been shown that it may be able to prevent and cure fungal infections and cardiovascular diseases. This great little food adds other properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antioxidant.

Antibacterial properties

This allicin substance could have great antibacterial potential, this antimicrobial property allows it to act on the bacteria found on the skin’s surface. It should be considered that these properties may vary depending on how we find the garlic, because it is not the same if it is whole, crushed, fresh, or subjected to a certain temperature.

Garlic is seen as an adjunct to medical treatment, not as a cure for infections as such.

It is a natural antifungal

We find many mushrooms sensitive to garlic in nature. It seems that the extracts of this plant are perfect for reducing the need for oxygen in some organisms, thus slowing their growth and inhibiting the synthesis of lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Garlic also allows controlling agricultural pests, because it is believed to be as effective as insecticides and is less harmful.

It is antiviral

Although there are not so many studies, garlic can fight viruses, such as the flu virus. However, it is not 100% effective in preventing common colds.

A study revealed that those who took a supplement of this vegetable had 63% fewer colds than those who had taken a placebo. So it is concluded that garlic does allow you to fight the flu, although it is not the most effective method.

Reduce the cholesterol

Garlic has been used to lower cholesterol simply and healthily. To achieve this reduction, the ideal is to consume between half and a gram a day of garlic to reduce bad cholesterol.

Regarding the dose, the most remarkable thing is that the more garlic, the more the cholesterol is lowered, although we must be aware that when you suffer from cholesterol in the arteries, it is best to maintain a balanced diet and take care of your diet and lifestyle.


If consumed in high amounts, garlic can become a barrier against heavy metal toxicity. In this regard, studies have been conducted where it was proven how garlic helped reduce lead levels in a subject’s blood by 19%.

It also prevented or reduced symptoms of poisoning by these metals, such as headaches and high blood pressure.

What is the efficacy of raw garlic?

As we see, raw garlic has many virtues and beneficial properties. Below, we show the issues that we must take into account to know what is the effectiveness of garlic are:

  • There is no consensus on the minimum dose required to obtain benefits.
  • Some laboratories have failed to state that raw garlic allows you to reduce cholesterol naturally. 
  • The ideal is to always include garlic in moderate amounts in a balanced diet. 
  • To benefit from its qualities, the ideal is to take raw garlic and avoid consuming it cooked. 
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