Here is what type of honey to choose based on your symptoms

Nevertheless, the sweet nectar of bees, commonly known as honey, is one of the most well-known and appreciated. However, there are many jars in the supermarket, and you don’t always know which one to choose. The varieties are indeed numerous! More than a question of flavor, choosing honey’s right jar brings medicinal benefits and virtues to treat different symptoms.

Now find out which honey to choose according to your symptoms to boost your herbal teas and natural therapeutic remedies.

Acacia honey :

It is often recommended for incontinence or bedwetting in children. It also helps calm digestive disorders.

Hawthorn honey:

Its calming properties are very powerful. The virtues of hawthorn honey are very calming, which allows it to be used against insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, hypertension, and palpitations. It is the best ally for people suffering from cardiovascular disorders.

Buckthorn honey:

Its stimulating effect on intestinal transit makes it very effective against constipation.

Heather honey:

Multi-use, this honey combats fatigue and anemia as well as intestinal infections and chronic cystitis.

Chestnut honey:

This honey acts as well on respiratory ailments as on blood circulation. In addition to accelerating the healing of wounds, it helps relieve rheumatism. It is excellent to add to your homemade osteoarthritis herbal tea.

Lemon honey:

Sore throat, circulatory disorders, fatigue, and difficult digestion do not scare him at all!

Rapeseed honey:

Less known than others, this honey is nevertheless ideal for people with heart disease or in case of blood circulation problems.

Eucalyptus honey:

Eucalyptus is excellent for the respiratory tract, and so is its honey! It is to be drawn from the first symptoms of ENT disease. Both bronchitis and cough dread it.

Lavender honey:

Honey shares antiseptic, calming, and healing properties with the plant. In addition to being excellent against insect bites, wounds, or burns, this honey can also help relieve rheumatic pain.

Manuka honey:

In external use (in a mask or local application), it is one of the best honeys for treating acne pimples. It can also be used internally against ulcers, fatigue, sore throat, and hoarse vocal cords, digestive disorders, or even bad breath. The price of manuka honey, on the other hand, is often very high.

Lemon balm honey:

Like acacia honey, it soothes and relieves digestion problems.

Orange honey:

As tasty as it is calming, it will promote your sleep, calm your nervousness, and help relieve your migraines.

Rosemary honey:

This honey is very popular with people with asthma. Also, it regulates digestion and helps the liver to function properly.

Fir honey:

Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, as well as its richness in trace elements, make it a great ally against winter illnesses (flu, bronchitis, colds, pharyngitis, etc.). It is also used in cases of asthma.

Buckwheat honey:

It is generally recommended in cases of anemia, fatigue, or demineralization. If you have too much cholesterol, this is also the ideal honey because it helps to regulate it.

Linden honey:

This honey is recommended for the very anxious. It helps reduce stress, nervousness, anxieties, and insomnia.

Sunflower honey:

Of all the honeys, it is among the richest in calcium, which is why it is used to stimulate growth in children.

Thyme honey:

Very calming, it will help you get back to sleep. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it also helps to treat infectious, digestive, and respiratory diseases.

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