How to improve intestinal transit with simple tricks

Having a correct intestinal transit is part of our health since it helps us eliminate toxins and waste that our body does not need. Also, if the intestine does not work well, we will have constipation problems, diarrhea, or gas that are really annoying or even painful. Many people suffer from these problems on a daily basis.

It is important to know the basic keys to improving intestinal transit, which should work well every day. It is an important part of our health, and that is why we are going to give you some tips to improve it.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water is key to our body’s health, but you may not know that if you do not drink water, the stool does not have volume, and it is more difficult to get rid of them, causing constipation. Within a balanced diet, both fat and water are essential for our body to be able to eliminate waste effectively, so don’t forget to drink your two liters of water a day. Add infusions and natural juices to your usual diet to increase the daily water intake in our body.

Foods that help you

Food is another of the keys that you should pay attention to if your intestinal transit is bad. Some foods can help you improve it. For example, whole foods are foods that are not peeled and therefore keep all the fiber intact, something that helps us improve transit. Fiber foods are essential for this. On the other hand, we also have fruits that can help us like kiwi, orange, or plums. We should avoid foods, such as foods with a lot of sugar or foods like chocolate, that can cause constipation.

Fixed hours

Routine helps our body perform its functions more effectively. It has happened to almost every one that when we break that routine and our way of life, we ​​tend to have intestinal problems, such as when we travel. This happens because of the change in schedules and the change in meals and because we tend to eat things that are less healthy. The end result is usually a problem of constipation and even an upset stomach. It is important to have fixed times for meals that help us make our transit regular.

Practice relaxation

Stress has many effects on our body, and one of them can be giving us problems in the intestine. Many people suffer from stomach problems derived from nerves and stress, which later translates into irregular or poor intestinal transit. So another of the habits that we must acquire is to practice relaxation. We can do this by looking for times of the day to do activities that are relaxing for us, such as reading or signing up for meditation or some sport that is good for this, such as yoga.

Play sports and stay active

Activity is another of the things that should not be lacking in our day to day. We do not get tired of saying all the benefits that doing sports on a daily basis can bring us. From improving the quality of sleep to circulation, the cardiovascular system, or even our self-esteem. It helps us regulate stress and is also good for improving intestinal transit. If we are more active, the body always works better and eliminates toxins more easily. So activity should be part of our life, since it brings us great benefits, including regulating intestinal transit.

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