Is losing weight in a week possible? Know the truth and how to do it

Losing weight is the desire of most people, even those who are not yet considered obese. Often, the problem is that aesthetics are placed ahead of health because the desire is not to improve cholesterol levels, but rather, to fit in those clothes that you like so much. That is why many resort to crazy diets with very low calories to lose weight in a week, but the result is short-lived, and soon they are faced with the unpleasant accordion effect. So, is it possible to lose weight in one week with a healthy diet and maintain that weight forever? Find out now.

Is it possible to lose weight in a week?

Yes, it is possible. Generally, when starting a weight loss diet, people are excited about new purchases from the supermarket and weight loss expectations. So, due to the shock of reduced calories that the body will receive in those first days, it is soon possible to notice weight loss, which can vary from 1 to 7 kilos, depending on each person’s body and the diet they are doing. Life turns into joy! The first stage of the mission is accomplished!

However, this first stage of eliminating weight comes from glycogen (which is stored in insulin). It is the first source of energy that the body uses when deprived of food. Along with it, the body eliminates water. It means that in that first moment of rapid weight loss, you will not eliminate fat, but will deflate the liquids that will also take with them the toxins and excesses that were retained.

This is great, as your body will give a good improvement in health in general, reducing measures, swelling and inflammatory processes. Of course, considering that you are eating a healthy diet, with a good variety of nutrients.

The problem is that it is only after depleting glycogen that the body will start using accumulated fat as an energy source, and this process is much slower than the first. At that moment, if you take a break from the diet or start to get frustrated and discouraged, thinking that nothing is working, you will take all your effort down the drain and regain all the weight loss as quickly as you lost it.

So, even though it is possible to lose weight in a week, it is important to choose an eating plan that is pleasant to maintain, without starving, to continue losing weight or maintaining the weight gained for a long term, preferably forever.

Tips to lose belly fast

As you saw in the explanation above, it is possible to lose weight in one week and see your belly reduce in size quickly, without going on crazy diets. But it is useless to see the result in 7 days and have the measures increased the following week again, as you stopped taking care of yourself.

So, the tips to lose belly fast are also for you to continue losing measures after this first step of quick elimination, keeping your health strong and your spirits up there.

Determine an individual eating plan with a professional

This is the most important step, there is no escape. Not always the diet you see on the internet, who lost so and so, will not work on your body. Each person has specific nutritional needs and a lifestyle that requires a diet of their own.

Furthermore, before you start to lose weight, it is essential to have tests to see if your body needs to be treated for any problems first. So, who will take care of all this for you is your nutritionist or nutritionist.

More than that, when doing your nutritional monitoring with a professional, it will be much easier to determine a diet with the maximum variety, with food that you think is delicious, without starving and eating with pleasure. Only then it is possible to lose weight in one week and continue seeing good results over the following months.

Start practicing physical activity regularly

Fast and continuous weight loss is much more efficient when you combine a healthy eating plan with regular physical activity. If you go on a diet and don’t spend energy on exercise, it will take a lot longer to burn fat, you will lose lean mass (muscles), leaving your body weak and flabby. Also, exercise is essential to keep your entire “machine,” which is your body, fully functioning.

Do specific exercises for the areas you want to improve faster

Within this new routine of healthy eating and physical activity, you can talk to your exercise advisor to give a greater focus to the belly, for example, accelerating the burning of calories in the abdominal region.

Don’t think it means starting to do 100 sit-ups every day, as it won’t do any good. The body needs activity and rest equally. That is why it is important to receive guidance for exercising. 

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