Natural remedies that are good for sore throat

Feeling a sore throat, which can be caused by many factors, is a very unpleasant experience. During your childhood, you must have heard that walking in the cold without a shirt, eating ice cream, or screaming a lot could cause this kind of discomfort, right? Although these justifications are very useful for controlling the little ones, it is important to know what are the real causes of this discomfort.

First, the sore throat can be either infectious or non-infectious, which means it can be caused by viruses and bacteria or by other factors. Some of these factors are allergies to food or dust, reflux, excessive use of the voice, and exposure to dry air or smoke.

In the second case, of a sore throat caused by infection, what is observed is that it works as a reaction of the body to some foreign agent that has invaded the body. The system will act against this agent, which can cause inflammation, so you may experience pain when swallowing, breathing, and speaking.

If you’ve been feeling this kind of a nuisance for less than a week and can’t wait to get back to normal, there is a natural way to deal with it. Next, check out the natural remedies for sore throat and choose the one that best suits your needs!

Ginger and lemon tea

Ginger and lemon tea is a tasty option to fight a sore throat. You must prepare it without sugar, using honey to sweeten it. In the form of tea, this mixture will moisturize your throat, while ginger and honey will alleviate inflammation, even fighting bacteria that are harmful to your body. Prefer to drink the drink still hot!

Gargling with warm water and salt

Warm water is known to relieve inflammation and sore throat, so even gargling with it alone will ease your discomfort a little. On the other hand, you must mix it with a handful of salt or a spoonful of vinegar for a more potent action. These two agents will alter the pH of your throat, making this region unpleasant for possible bacteria that are bothering you.

Peppermint or mint

A peppermint or peppermint is a great choice for those who are experiencing a sore throat. Teas with these ingredients can also help, as they are responsible for fighting inflammation in the body and providing a sense of relief for the pain. Chewing cloves is also a good option, as it will have a similar effect to bullets.

Chocolate 70% cocoa

Dark chocolate is a dessert that has numerous health benefits, including sore throat. With a high concentration of flavonoids, chocolate with little milk will act as an anti-inflammatory, reducing the discomfort caused by pain. Remember that chocolate with a lot of milk, however, can increase the discomfort.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is an unusual ingredient to treat sore throat, but it works! Capsaicin, a substance present in food, will relieve the pain you are feeling, but it is necessary to use the pepper correctly. Add half a teaspoon to a cup of boiling water and allow the mixture to cool slightly. Then shake well and drink the liquid and make sure that it will not burn your mouth.

These are some of the natural ways to fight a sore throat. Remember that sore throat can be one of the symptoms of a more serious illness and that treating it will not help you get better. Always investigate the cause of your discomfort with a doctor, so that appropriate treatment is given about what you are feeling.

If your sore throat does not go away in seven days with the help of the natural remedies we have separated, do not hesitate to seek medical attention. Only a healthcare professional can accurately know the cause of your discomfort and how it can be treated. Take care of your health!

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