The 5 best teas in the world and what benefits they bring to your health

Lovers of herbal teas are always in search of the best tea in the world. They can be happy because there are five categories of teas, and each one presents its best exponent, granting multiple benefits to the health and well-being of those who drink them.

The best infusion in the world will depend on each person’s taste and the objectives they have when taking the infusion. There are very aromatic teas, others a little bit more bitter; everything will depend on the degree of oxidation to which the herb is subjected. What is true for everyone is that there are herbs that are considered essential within each type of teas, and we will mention them below.

Green Tea

It is certainly one of the most famous. According to the experts, the Japanese Gyokuro produces one of the best in the world. The harvest lasts 21 days, and the crops are grown under a dark fabric canopy that blocks 90% of the light to the plants. Taking a daily cup, you are protecting your body from developing cancer helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. Due to the action of antioxidants, it slows down aging and stimulates your metabolism, helping you lose weight.

White tea

Experts say that the best white teas come from the Fujian province, China. Generally, it retains a sublime and delicate flavor and aroma, tending to be floral and fruity with flavors similar to apricot and peach. This type of infusion is antibacterial, improves your skin, preventing wrinkles, and regulates the body’s immune system and inflammation.

Oolong tea

It is also known as blue tea, and they are drinks that have an intense flavor, related to orchids and spring flowers such as narcissus, lily of the valley, and hyacinth. The darkest and highest quality oolong come from the Wuyi Mountain in Fujian and the Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong. Although this is produced in various parts of the world, the best is harvested in China’s two areas. By drinking it regularly, you will enjoy benefits such as: lowering blood sugar, ideal for people with diabetes, improves respiratory function, helps control blood pressure, and regulates cholesterol.

Black tea

The flavor of this type of tea varies depending on where it is produced. In some places, it can be mild, in others, it can retain a very strong and bitter taste. You can identify a good black tea if it retains a layer of flavors and hints of caramelized sugar, grapes, and nuts. It is

rich in polyphenols with antioxidant action. It has a high amount of theine, which will inject you with energy throughout the day. It has B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Its diuretic action will help you reduce fluid retention.

Pu’er tea

It is mostly known as red tea and originates from the Pu’er region in Yunnan, China. Pu’er tea has been cherished as a healthy fermented tea full of advantages for both the palate and the body for centuries. When taken, this infusion reduces fat levels in your body, cleanses the blood, stimulates liver metabolism, prevents respiratory diseases, and stimulates digestion.

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