Tips for losing weight without exercising

You often hear that it is not possible to lose weight without exercising. Diet plays an important role, because sport alone would require walking 56 km per week to lose half a kilo. Sport is ultimately not necessary to lose weight, although a bit of physical activity does not harm.

Change your lifestyle

Even if some diet pills have promised true miracles, you shouldn’t necessarily believe them. Many diets do indeed result in a short-term weight reduction, but some of the diet products are even harmful to health. Also, there is no point in eating the same diet as before, because then the weight will increase accordingly.

Starving does nothing

If you eat less and run around hungry all day, you lose weight quickly at the beginning because the body breaks down muscle mass, because it costs energy to maintain it, and the constant hunger hits the psyche, and you quickly feel uncomfortable. The metabolism switches to so-called starvation mode. Another problem arises if you normally eat again afterward because you gain weight quickly because the body takes everything it can get.

Sugar must be banned

If you want to lose weight, you can still eat tasty, but you should avoid too much sugar. However, that sounds easier than it is because sugar works similarly to a drug and causes the brain to release happiness hormones. Ready-made products, in particular, turn out to be true sugar bombs. Anyone who starts to cut sugar off will initially suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Drink plenty of water

An adult should drink at least two liters of water a day so that the body can keep its fluid balance in order. Also, water increases the body’s energy expenditure, and thus more calories are burned. As an alternative to water, tea without sugar can also serve.

Controlled meals are important

Ideally, you should have exactly three meals a day, and the main meal should be taken before 3 p.m. According to current studies, this improves success by 30 percent. Also, avoid consuming foods high in calories about three to four hours before going to sleep. Any amount of fruit and vegetables can be eaten between meals.

Eating should be done consciously

When you eat, think about food. What sounds simple is one of the leading causes of obesity. You can concentrate on eating, the television should not be on while eating, nor is there a place for your cell phone or newspaper. Also, you should only eat when you are hungry and not out of boredom. Furthermore, you should enjoy every bite and eat slowly, because the feeling of satiety only sets in after about 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter how much you eat in those 20 minutes.

Sleep a lot

According to some studies, lack of sleep is harmful to fat burning and metabolism. Also, stress is reduced during sleep, and stress promotes obesity. People should sleep between seven and nine hours a day. Stress should be prevented by not putting yourself under permanent pressure or being put under pressure, and you should look for a way to relax to get rid of stress quickly. This can be, for example, sports, watching TV or cooking.

More exercise in everyday life

Those who exercise more in everyday life are practically doing the sport on the side. So it is better to take the stairs instead of the elevator and sometimes do some routes on foot instead of by car. Of course, you can also go for a ride on a bike, or go dancing.

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