3 worst places to meet women

Today, more and more couples have become known for their flirting apps. But of course, there are always traditional places, for those who prefer the good old tradition of approach. For some, it works even better.

Let’s go to the worst places to meet someone:

Where she work

Flirting with a woman at her place of work is often a challenge, for several reasons. I can tell 2 or 3 stories of couples who met at work. But also, I could say at least 10 times that it went wrong.

Why is it challenging? First of all, you must remember that if the woman is in a professional environment, it is part of her job to be nice to the customers. 

Another point is that, she will probably avoid exposing herself at any cost and winding up a flirt in front of co-workers, whether bosses or subordinates.

What you can do, if she leaves an opening, ask for her contact to make an appointment some other time. Still, evaluate the signs of interest well, to know if she really is giving you the ball.

Where you work

There is an old saying that says, “Where bread is earned, meat is not eaten.” You must avoid at all costs not giving up on women in the workplace. It is not worth the risk.

We all know that, during the conquest, the chances of rejection are real. If you are at a party, where you don’t know anyone and have nothing to lose, it’s a much easier place to approach (or even entertain yourself ) without any risk.

In your work environment, you have so many risks that, even when it seems like you have an opening, there is no point in continuing. Many companies even explicitly prohibit this type of conduct on the part of employees.


Bars are on the list of the best and worst places to meet women! As well? Well, there are bars and pubs.

The best bars for flirting are those that look more like a pub: there is music, a little dim light, and people stand up. This facilitates interaction between groups.

Some of these bars go further: they also have sports, such as pool, bowling, or other games that facilitate interaction.

Bad bars (the majority, unfortunately) are the ones that look more like restaurants. You sit, you don’t have an opening to discuss things with other groups. It is the ideal place to go out and catch up with the brothers. But it is a challenge to meet women.

If you’re wondering, “Where is it good to meet women?” remember that there is no right or wrong. Just some easier places and others that are more difficult.

By TVOC Editor

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