Compilation of the best tips during confinement

One of the questions that is repeated the most at this time is when everything will return to normal. To this day, we know that the battle against the coronavirus is not only fought in hospitals, it is the job of each one to comply with the strict regulations imposed by the Government.

Staying home and social distancing is the most effective measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, apart from frequent hand washing and personal hygiene.

Since the state of alarm was approved, it is only allowed to leave the house for the most basic things such as going to the supermarket, going to the pharmacies, taking our pets for small walks, or throwing away the garbage. Also make transfers to attend health centers, go to financial institutions, or go to the doctor.

All those people with the option to telework must do so, and those who are not in the permitted economic sectors, must cease their activity.

How we react to confinement

Although each person faces this situation differently, since it depends a lot on each one’s personal circumstances, we have all been forced to leave our comfort zone.

People’s natural state is freedom, and we all long to return to the situation before, since we are social beings, of action and of external life. It is logical to feel some frustration because the news is not very hopeful for the vast majority of days.

We want to tell you a series of practical tips for these days of quarantine at home, a compilation by sections so that you can at least see this situation with different eyes and make the most of the time.

Activities to do at home

In this situation, we have to keep ourselves as entertained as possible. It is important to use movement and physical activity to help our metabolism burn energy and also to release serotonin to make us feel better.

On the other hand, we can take advantage of the time to do all those late activities that we could not do due to a lack of time or energy.

Cook with your family

One of the activities that have taken a lot of prominence during these weeks is cooking. The stoves are on fire, and they offer us delicious dishes to share with the family.

We must take care of our diet during these times, we must reward healthy food and avoid processed products. Look for nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in all foods, this will make you feel more energetic and will prevent you from gaining weight unnecessarily.

The preparation of a good menu can be an incentive to face optimism the long days spent at home. Retrieve recipes, share your time in the kitchen with your family, and above all, have fun in the kitchen.

Finish the series you started

Staying at home for so long forces us to seek activities to entertain ourselves and avoid boredom. Watching television can be the first step, however, we may not always like what is broadcast. Take note of our recommendations that surely one of them suits your tastes and needs.

It is a good time to return to that series that you had half, or see all the seasons of a series that have always been recommended to you. Due to a large number of titles available and now also paid video on-demand platforms, you have a great opportunity to dedicate the time to participate in future conversations about the series on the next video call with your friends.

Paint, draw, or crochet

The Internet offers us a great series of online content available 24 hours a day. We find hundreds of plans and tools to make the most of your stay at home. On YouTube, you can find fantastic tutorials to learn how to crochet, get started in yoga, tips and tricks for painting or drawing, or even learning to dance as a couple.

Actually, from YouTube, you can find tutorials for practically all the activities you like. We encourage you to try today!

Reading to feed the soul

In the same way that it happens with television, movies, and series, perhaps it is a good time for you to catch up and recover the forgotten pages of the books you started or cheer up with a saga.

Reading will help you travel and take you to places you could never imagine, it will entertain you and also provide you with knowledge. Horror, fantasy, romance, comedy, or adventure, you will find all the genres you like the most in the books. As a recommendation, you can choose.

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