Keys to surviving winter

In winter, you don’t want to do the workout like other times of the year, but there are many possibilities to enjoy and train at the same time. We bring you a selection of the most appropriate activities for this time of year.

With a little foresight to have the clothes ready, the material for each discipline, and above all, motivation, winter becomes an extraordinary season. Playing sports outdoors, even at night and cold improves your mood and physical conditioning for the coming season.

Mountain Bike

Whether on the mountain or cross bike, getting going is a great option, especially in snowy conditions, fresh rain or ice. If the conditions are not extreme, the mountains will be a good ally for the preseason. For good winter training, the slopes are ideal, and if you prefer, you can opt for the more technical trails.

Time for review:

Apart from the activities, in winter we must take care of both the body and the clothing we wear. Therefore, it will be important to take care of the extremities and cover them properly. On bike rides, especially, we must take care of our hands, feet, and head. Good specific gloves for cycling are more than recommended. In the same way, shoe covers are a must for cycling outings.

Training tips:

Try to be consistent: The best sessions for winter focus on a consistent intensity and plan to build a foundation progressively. This will help reduce the chances of overtraining that may arise through intervals or high intensity sessions. Some options are:

Foot race:

  • Roll 30 minutes between zones 1 and 2, and turn around to go back to the starting point. On the return, you can increase the pace to zone 3. To finish, it will be good at about 5-10 minutes of jogging.
  • Pyramid-shaped training: use GPS to mark kilometers. You can start with 2.5 km in zones 1/2, followed by 1.5 km in zone 3, 1 km in zone 4; and back, 2 km in zone 3, 3 km in zone 2, and finish doing 1km in zone 1.


  • By bike, for example, one type of training can be to ride with the group in a peloton, in which there are relays to take turns in the first position. It is beneficial to learn to lead a group and for the same management.
  • An option of cycling intervals, based on a warm-up of about 10 minutes in zones 1 and 2. Do a ride of about 15-20 minutes (x2), increasing the intensity, reaching Zone 3 and Zone 4, with 5 minute recovery in between in zone 2. Roll on rest mode to release legs for 10 minutes before getting home.

In search of warmth

If you have time and you can, moving to a warmer area for a stage is a great idea. You can work in a group, roll, run or swim with other colleagues, and be ideal for sports in a cozy climate. 

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