What I learned after accepting coffee from my ex

About 9 years ago, I had a boyfriend with whom I had a pretty good relationship, but the passing of the years was not in vain and not to make it too long, short with me, and within a week, he was already establishing his new relationship with this other girl. Years after this happened, I ran into him by chance and accepted a coffee.

One of the most awkward moments of my life

He had many things to tell me, and he began to tell me about his work, his family, and I was certainly pleased that he already had a much more defined and stable path than when we stopped seeing each other. I didn’t have much to say about it, it wasn’t my intention for him to know much about my life. I didn’t see the point, so I let him talk about what he had to get out, and that’s where the truth came out.

When you break up with someone and soon after you see him with another …

Surely it has happened to you, first you think that the girl is not so pretty and you do not understand the reason why your ex chose her. Then you go to the stage where you think that maybe she is a better girlfriend than you and that is why he stayed with her. If you are going through this process, I recommend that you stop thinking and obsess over this situation. In the end, leaving one relationship to another indicates that your ex’s values ​​are not very stable. I mean, he was surely uncomfortable in the relationship for a while and did not have the emotional intelligence to get away in time, so he looked for another way out and ended up in another relationship without even having a duel from the first. 

Worse, some men go from girl to girl because they are afraid of losing “great experiences” in their minds, being with many must be better than being with just one, isn’t it? In the end and over time, they urge to meet more girls, travel to more places, and even have a “new” life will become less and less interesting. Anyway, going back to what I learned when I accepted a coffee from my ex …

He told me everything about the girl he dated after me.

At that moment, my mind stopped working 100%, I was just wondering why he is telling me this? He told me that their relationship did not work, that the girl threw him some colossal tantrums and was very rude to him. At that moment, I thought that perhaps what he was trying to do was make me feel better with his confession, but the truth is that I was giving exactly the same. Years later, I understood why men and I suppose that some women also have this behavior.

Why do they do it?

They don’t do it to make you feel better; it’s not even a half-disguised apology, even if they tell you they regret it. Nor is it an “I want to go back to you.” It is simply that they feel bad about themselves. They failed their values ​​and left a relationship where they were treated well and left with the feint of finding something better when they really didn’t. It is the same as when someone confesses infidelity, confessing that is nothing but the lowest thing you can do to your partner. Because that does not help the deceived person at all, it only serves as a pressure escape key for the infidel. It is a selfish act and has a lot of ego in it. They are looking for forgiveness that only they can give themselves, they want to get rid of that bullet. The beauty of this girl is that that bullet IS NOT YOURS.

What I should have done that day, I should have walked away with my head held high, I shouldn’t even have allowed him to tell me everything he told me. Fortunately, I had already more than overcome my ex. So my life went smoothly after that last conversation. It took years for me to have this enlightenment, and it didn’t just happen to me 1, it happened to me 3 times. It is something that is not going to happen to me anymore, I finally learned that pattern, and I hope you don’t go through this or at least keep the truth in mind.

By TVOC Editor

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