Dog fitness for more well-being in dogs

Animal fitness is not just a trend; it is a crucial factor in keeping dogs healthy. Veterinarians warn that there are more and more dogs that are seriously overweight. This affects the heart and kidneys; the animal feels uncomfortable and automatically moves less.

It’s a cycle that dog owners can break with proper diet, exercise, and a healthy assessment of their fitness. A dog is not only overweight when visible signs of obesity become noticeable, and, for example, the ribs under the fur are no longer recognizable. A thick layer of fat covers them. Often you notice the lack of fitness when the dog no longer enjoys moving, quickly gets out of breath, and prefers to lie at home than to play in nature or make quick sprints.

Increase dog fitness with exercise

There are various training options that dogs and owners alike can enjoy and do something for their health. Fitness training is offered at the dog park, but an active exercise in the forest and the open field can also help. Dog owners shouldn’t be deterred by bad weather and should look for their way into nature every day and several hours. In summer, you can swim and take long walks at a brisk pace with your dog. You can support animal fitness by opting for special training in the cold season, such as the parkour, at the dog park.

The training units are designed so that the dog uses all muscle groups with regular activity and converts accumulated body fat into muscle mass. Statistics show that city dogs, in particular, are particularly affected by obesity and exercise less than their conspecifics who live in rural regions. But also in the country, the mistake is circulating that a daily stay in the property is sufficient for good fitness and replaces long walks as an outlet. This is not the case, as a dog always moves the same on the property and has a daily rhythm without changes. If the excess weight is enormous, and the dog is literally “lazy,” an animal trainer should be consulted and given the task of developing a fitness plan for the dog.

Good nutrition for the dog

Good nutrition prevents vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. Health begins with nutrition. This is the case not only with humans but also with animals. Food that is too fat or unsuitable for dogs’ breed or activity is harmful to the animal, as this report on dog food shows. Dog owners who rely on their veterinarian and choose food based on a recommendation do not always have to be right and often give far too rich food. Reaching for cheap offers also often turns out to be a mistake and leads to the fact that the dog eats a lot more due to a lack of nutrients and accordingly gains weight and body fat.

When it comes to food, you should pay close attention to the content and pay attention to the manufacturer’s tips on the amount according to the animal’s weight and opting for high-quality pet food and not save on the wrong end. The quality of life and the age of the four-legged friends increase with an animal-friendly and healthy diet. At the same time, cheap food leads not only to obesity but also to problems in the gastrointestinal tract and, due to the high proportion of fish meal and additives, promotes diarrhea and general malaise in dogs.

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