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Saturday July 11, 2020

White investment banker Amy Cooper, 41, sacked after calling police on black man

A video that went viral makes Amy Cooper pay for her false accusation on Christian Cooper (They are not related). Amy Cooper’s employer stated that she was fired for this crucial racism act last Tuesday even though she later decided to apologies from Christian Cooper.
the video shows Amy cooper calling 911 emergency and complaining on Christian Cooper saying “an African American man is threatening me and my dog at the Central Park”. Christian Cooper sees Amy Cooper has her dog unleashed at the Central Park in the area called the Ramble where people bird watch, this is completely against the Ramble rules as it could be dangerous for the bird watchers as well as for the surrounding plant life, once he explained this to Amy Cooper she furiously replies saying that she is calling the cops that she and her dog is being threatened, and she does. Christian Cooper videoed the conversation she had with the cops and then shared it on social media which finally led Amy Cooper’s employer to fire her due to her unpleasant actions.
On the apology note, Amy Cooper stated that she is not a racist and she did not mean to harm Christian Cooper in anyway. However, this has been a common case even in the past white people calling and falsely complaining on African American people hence the police arrested neither Amy nor Christian Cooper. When Christian Cooper was asked if he is ready to accept her apology, he mentioned as long as she keeps her dog on leash, they do not have any problems with each other.

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