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Saturday July 11, 2020

The Ickabog: JK Rowling announces new children's book

J.K. Rowling the famous author of the Children’s book series ‘Harry Potter’ has a surprising announcement for her fans, ‘The Ickabog’ a book Rowling was writing while she was working on Harry Potter series will be published in November 2020. Rowling took a break for about five years from writing Children’s books but then decided to release ‘The Ickabog’ specially for children who are in lockdown during the pandemic. Rowling also mentioned in her official website that ‘The Ickabog’ might lead to serialization as it has its possibilities. She is planning to publish the 34 chapters from 26th May 2020 to 10th July 2020 on the Ickabog website for free for the children.

Rowling stated the Ickabog is about truth and abusive power. She has got the idea for the story about a decade ago and says this has got nothing to do with the current world situation. Rowling is also planning on an illustration competition for The Ickabog specially for children to be busy and get distracted from the current situation, the dates will be later announced on The Ickabog website.

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