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Saturday July 11, 2020

Police killing of George Floyd : Hundreds gathered and demand justice in Minneapolis

Civilians clash with the Police after the death of Gorge Floyd. The protestors took the streets of Minneapolis carrying the boards saying ‘I Can’t breathe!” Minneapolis Police officer was fired Tuesday for kneeling on an African American man named George Floyd to death. A video shows handcuffed George Floyd pleads he cannot breathe yet the officer refuse to take his knee off the man’s neck choking him to death.
Floyd has been stopped by the Police officers over a Forgery accusation. Floyd has been using fake notes for transactions. A Minneapolis Civil Rights Attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong tweeted the act is pure evil and the police officers involved should be charged and convicted of murder.
The Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey has fired all four officers involved in the scene. On March 13th Beonna Taylor, also an African American woman who was shot dead by the Police officers during a drug investigation. American Civil Liberties Union stated the case shows the United States Police keeps on the harsh treatment for black people even if accused for minor cases.

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