Benefits of practicing athletics in children

Nowadays, the majority of children who practice “professional” sports tend to opt for football, handball, or basketball. However, another good option is to opt for athletics, perfect for restless children, full of vitality and energy because this sport makes them unload their entire body until they are relaxed and happy.

Athletics is a very important sport because it helps them acquire discipline and understand that it is very beneficial for their health. If they practice this sport from a young age, that is, if they start around 5 – 7 years, it provides them with a fundamental pillar for the rest of their lives in the practice of the sport.

What are the benefits of practicing athletics from a young age?

Here are the great effects practicing athletics can have on a child’s 


Physical benefits:

If a child sits all day, it is normal for them to gain weight, and their health is damaged. However, if they practice exercise, they will stay in shape, gain physical resistance, speed, agility, and have a large lung capacity and growth. They stimulate, so they become stronger, decrease fat, have a better immune system, and their bones will be stronger; that is, in case of falls, you have less risk of breaking something. And typically (even if they’re hesitant or challenging at first), they have fun doing it.

Psychological benefits:

While playing sports, there is no time to think about other things, that is why exercise is so important for children. In addition, they gain confidence, forget about all kinds of worries, feel part of a group, establish routines that make them lead a healthy life, and socialize with other children who belong to the same group.

Athletics is an individual sport, except for relays and little else; however, all children practice together. It is not just running, there are many activities in athletics such as running, hurdles, high jump, everyone will find an activity that they like.

The competition in this sport is very healthy, you will never find a pope with insults or things, as if it happens in football. Children will not have that bad pressure in other sports and do not need any material to be able to practice it, so it also means a good saving.

Where can we practice this sport?

There are many schools that offer it to students as extracurricular classes. However, if your child’s school does not do it, there are other ways to practice it.

The ideal thing will be to do some research online, find clubs in your area that provide this facility, and don’t forget to check their reviews. Once done, select a club that best suits your needs, that is, we can go to the one we like the most, the closest one, etc.

If you have young children who are interested in sports, you want them to acquire discipline and confidence, they have a lot of energy and you need them to be relaxed, without a doubt practicing athletics is a great option for both them and you.

By TVOC Editor

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