Top 5 Most Dangerous Waterslides

You might not think of danger when you think of water slides you might assume that water slides are safe but the water slides on this list will have you rethinking your assumptions here are the top 5 most dangerous water slides.



The Insano slide is insanely steep and is located at the beach of Porto das donors in a queeoz in Brazil. The 41-meter high slide sends its sliders down a near-vertical drop and into an exit pool below the slide opened in 1989 and when it did it was the tallest waterslide in the world the slide is not for the faint of heart though in fact employees at the waterpark say that they enjoy watching the sliders panic at the top of the slide and that they have even seen sliders cry while sliding.

The ride is only five seconds long but because it is so steep some sliders lose contact with the slide and become airborne during the drop because the slide is so dangerous sliders are instructed on how to ride the slide they must remain on their backs with their arms and legs crossed the slide which gives a great view of the Atlantic Ocean at the top is no longer the tallest slide in the world but it remains the fastest as sliders can reach speeds of a heart-pounding 65 miles per hour.



The aqua loop is a wet-and-will-vertical water slide that sends its riders down a ten-meter drop and into an inclined pool during the seven-second slide riders can reach a speed of 60 km/h and can experience a g-force of 2.5 the slide which was designed by white water West aqua Rina relies on sliders achieving enough speed to make it around the loop however and not all sliders do.

A woman sued the park for $400,000 when she got stuck on the slide she was unable to make the loop and found herself stuck at the bottom of the loop she pulled herself out through a hatch but she experienced several escape injuries nonetheless the aqua loop continues to be a popular I’ll be dangerous slide at wet and wild the park itself is the busiest waterpark in Australia and the eighth busiest waterpark in the world. Thousands of sliders ride the dangerous aqua loop anyway.



The black hole waterslide is an inline tube slide located at what is considered to be America’s first waterpark. Wet and wild Orlando is owned by NBC Universal and was founded by the creator of SeaWorld George Millay. The menacing black tube of the black hole look ominous and rightfully so the black hole has faced numerous lawsuits over the years a 1.73 million dollar payout to a man who was severely injured in 1994 when he struck something during the ride part of the danger of the slide stems from the timing of the ride I take a two-person tube 23 seconds to complete the ride however the staff is told to send people down at 20-second intervals this does not leave enough time for people to safely exit the ride before the next riders are sent down making it a dangerous sliding experience.



The steamer slide at Calypso water park Ontario is a dangerous tube slide that has repeatedly injured its riders. in fact, in 2015 Calypso waterpark was facing 20 separate charges from injured people riders of the steamer slide sit on a tube slide through a dark tunnel and then spin around a bowl however when the slide was investigated it was discovered that the steamer slide had developed a buckle on the area of the slide that was causing the tubes to flip over the technical standards and Safety Act which oversees Ontario’s amusement park rides accused the park of negligence and of not having the proper equipment to ensure the safety of its riders and although so of the charges were dismissed the park was found guilty on six accounts resulting in a pay-out of $500,000 in damages.



number six the vertigo slide Aqualand II a waterpark Spain the vertigo slide in Spain’s Aqualand Iya waterpark is the highest waterslide in Europe and the highest capsule slide in the world the slide which opened in the summer of 2013 took two and a half months to build and stands proudly at 110 feet the vertigo slide is two slides the rent slide being the taller of the two sliders stand at the top of the slide on a trapdoor which is opened by an operator who presses a button.

Once the button is pressed the trapdoor is released and sliders are plunged down a three-second slide where they can reach speeds of 100 km/h the ride itself and the speed the riders experience is dangerous however the trapdoor presents its dangers in July 2014 the trapdoor failed to fully open and a man was severely injured when he was sent through the partially opened trapdoor the man and his injuries were attended to by park staff but the slide was reopened a mere 10 minutes after the incident

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