Top 6 Athletes Who Got Caught Cheating

Famous people come in all shapes and sizes some are movie actors, some are government officials and some are athletes. Getting ahead in your industry is the name of the game which is why a lot of people take shortcuts to become the best so we’re looking at athletes who got caught cheating.


This guy didn’t just cheat, he cheated badly. like everyone knew Joe Niekro was sanding down balls with sandpaper but no one called him out when the umpire finally noticed he pulled the dude aside and that’s when things got hilarious I mean you could see him through the sandpaper away while emptying his pockets but it doesn’t work because everyone else sees it too in fact even getting caught wasn’t enough to make him fess up he just kept repeating that the board and sandpaper for keeping his nails short.


Now reporting this guy in the list because he got tossed from the game but I’ll be honest there seems to be a lot of debate about whether this counts as cheating or not Michael Pineda got called out for having pine tar on his hands and neck which is supposed to give a pitcher.

a better grip but can also make the ball move in unpredictable ways no one knows if it works and even the commentators try and justify what he’s doing with that said he did get thrown out of the game so I’m guessing the umpire had his mind made up.


Figure skating isn’t exactly the most popular sport in the world but this scandal is so big that ‘seven bets on the big screen everyone knows the story Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan rivals and the Olympics were coming up so what happened Tanya’s husband and bodyguard teamed up to break Nancy’s leg and ruin her chances of getting the gold the thing is it all Went wrong with Nancy just Getting a bruise and her winning silver in the Olympics both men got jail time with that said the real crime is that Tonya was banned from ever skating professionally again even though she didn’t know what had happened until afterward.


Now, this is a weird one because it’s hard to note this guy didn’t know the rules or if he just didn’t care I mean the ball had to be swapped in this game when officials noticed it was covered and stickum but they didn’t know which player was responsible with that said it didn’t take long for it to come out and it was Dwight Howard and his reaction was pretty funny like he is just straight-up admitted to doing it every single game and even though the NBA said it was illegal he just couldn’t understand why was such a big deal he’s a well-rounded player in that first game the Rockets had a 19 point lead early in the game and Millsap’s telling him to look at the ball must be sticky.


It’s important to remember that it’s not always the players who are cheating sometimes it’s the bosses who are to blame I mean this Spanish boss had a winning basketball team in the Paralympics but something just wasn’t right basically ten of the twelve team members weren’t disabled at all but had tons of like fake certificates saying they have intellectually handicapped the truth only came out when their pictures were in the paper and readers who knew them said they had IQs way above 70 so the medals were returned but still you have to be pretty low to fake something like that just for the gold


So I know the players are cheating but it’s kind of funny that even the refs didn’t notice at first basically when a free throw was called Jennings walked up and take it even though he was nowhere. near the play, no one noticed till after he had made the shot and the ref only made them redo it because the other team called it out the hilarious thing is Jennings wasn’t even mad about being caught he just grinned and backed off and there weren’t any real consequences at all.


I’ve already said that it’s not always just players in the wrong and this is another case of the coach causing bad behavior. the coach told five members of the Jets to form a human wall on the side-lines just to influence where the Dolphins gunner would go once he was right where he wanted him the coach shade up trip the gunner and sent his sprawling on his face the thing is even once the plan came out nobody could decide for certain which parts broke the rules and which didn’t, in fact, people still can’t agree so feel free to fight it.


Now it’s obvious from this list that certain kinds of cheats happen more than others because this is the second baseball clip that ends with someone being thrown off or pine tar well I guess it’s not exactly true because they didn’t say it was pine tar but either way pitcher. Matusz was removed for having a quote-unquote foreign substance on his arm the crazy thing is this happened less than a year after Pineda was removed for the same thing and just a week after another player was caught doing it too so yeah it looks like the MLB has a reoccurring problem.

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