7 Most expensive human errors in the history

  1. Seongsu Bridge collapse

The Seongsu bridge in South Korea links two districts, disaster happened on 21st October 1994 at 0740hrs when the bridge collapsed 65 feet in to the river below killing 32 people and injuring many more. The bridge had already received many complaints of its foundation, investigations came to a conclusion the steal joints have been welded with a thickness of 8 mm whereas the correct thickness should be 10 mm. the government had to compensate 185,000 dollars for the families of the victims and the cost to rebuild the bridge was 2,000,000 dollars making this one costly human error.

Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges
  1. Deadly Skyscraper in London

A shiny walkie talkie shaped skyscraper was built in London in 2014, the 525 feet tall building was made of reflective glasses, during the summer of 2014 the citizens of London began complaining of the heat which was melting tiles, melting a Jaguar XJ and causing a small fire in rug of a barber salon due to the reflective glasses of the building. The heat was raised up to 70 degrees by the reflective rays of sunlight. Ultimate decision was made to attach permanent sun shade between 3 – 34 floors of the building over the course of 6 months costing over 12,000,000 dollars. 

In Pictures: a Trip Up the Walkie Talkie (aka 20 Fenchurch Street)
  1. Lotus Riverside disaster

The Lotus riverside was one of the most expensive projects in Shanghai, on the 27th June 2009 the 11-block apartment collapsed nearly missing other buildings which would have otherwise caused a domino effect. Only one construction worker died, luckily the building was not yet occupied by the new owners. The poor foundation caused the building to collapse, earth beneath the building was excavated 15 feet for an underground carpark and the soil was piled up to 32 feet in a nearby riverbank which pressurized the water to burst underneath causing the foundation of the building to be muddy. If the soil was not piled up by the riverbank the accident could have been prevented. All the owners requested their money back leading to a total loss of 30,000,000 dollars.

Verdicts in Shanghai Building Collapse - China Real Time Report - WSJ
  1. Sale of Alaska

Alaska was originally owned by Russia, in 1867 due to the harsh weather conditions the Russian emperor at the time found it difficult to make any use of Alaska and sold it to USA for 7,200,000 dollars. Even USA could not make any use of Alaska either until 1896 a major gold deposit was discovered in the Yukon proving the land has also many other natural resources like oil, coal etc. USA earned over 100 times what they spent on buying Alaska. Now the oil and gas resources alone are worth more than 200,000,000,000 dollars.

When Russia Sold Alaska | Reconnecting Asia
  1. Botched Bridge

The Botched bridge also known as the Millennium bridge was opened in 2000 between London and Bankside, it was even called a pure expression of engineering structure which costed 22,000 million dollars to build, but for everybody’s surprise the bridge had to be closed immediately after opening when it started wobbling with 1000 pedestrians walking over it. The cause was later found as the effort each pedestrian take to balance themselves when walking caused the bridge to wobble violently, the engineers even changed their identities and flew out of the country. 2 years later after fitting 91 dampers to absorb the movements, the bridge was re-opened. It ended up being a 6-million-dollar mistake.

11 Interesting Facts About The Millennium Bridge | Londonist
  1. Fat Trains of France

A French railway company spent 15 Billion dollars on new hi speed trains which ended up being too wide for the train stations, the company discovered too late the trains were too fat to fit in to the stations and then spent 55 Million dollars to upgrade all train stations.

Two thousand new French trains 'too fat for railway' - BBC News
  1. Titanic

Many of us already know the story of the unsinkable ship. The Titanic had many failings at the time, it did not have a binocular in the crow’s nest that night so the crew could not see the iceberg, also it did not have enough life boats to save the passengers, causing it to kill over 1500 of them. The total lost was 75 million dollars. 

Titanic | History, Sinking, Rescue, Survivors, & Facts | Britannica
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