8 Homemade Inventions Made By True Genius

When you think of homemade inventions you may be thinking of people using the cardboard from the toilet paper rolls to make a phone speaker or even DIY hacks for random things around your house some people take these homemade inventions to the next level. They’re true geniuses for what they manage to build in their backyards and garages. From a homemade submarine to homemade cannon here are 10 homemade inventions that can only be made by true geniuses.


An ex-plumber Colin Furs builds a hoverbike in his garage. This goes to show you if you set your mind on something you can do it. “That is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever ridden it’s been an interesting project”- Colin. He had to make adjustments to the body of it as he’s built it to make it lighter so it was able to lift him and he did it with some patience the hoverbike itself is a little difficult to control but with practice you get the hang of it. You can control going forwards and backward with your weight distribution and side by side by putting weight on one foot or the other.

some people who were following him throughout the building process predicted it would flip over when airborne it has yet to flip over on Colin he may lose his balance sometimes or get stuck spinning in circles when both engines are not in sync but that’s all part of the learning process. In addition to learning how to balance his weight, it’s very important to make sure your pockets are empty. The hoverbike is very sensitive to weight even the tank being half full can cause the hoverbike has a long way to go still but this is a great start.


34-year-old Tao Zhang li, who works at a karaoke bar as an audio technician made his submarine. he says he made it because he has a lot of creative ideas and he wants it to appeal to someone who can back him and give him a helping hand his friends and family members think what he is doing is unrealistic and crazy they tell him he needs to start being serious and to stop fooling around.

He mainly gets his support from the local officials. however, for Tao, this is like his dream he only has education up to fifth grade and was held back a couple of years so for him to build his submarine is amazing he gets most of his parts at the second-hand market like batteries motors light bulbs detectors and switches he measures almost everything based on a feeling and hardly ever uses a ruler it is a feat his homemade submarine even works but kudos to him for pulling it off.


A Chinese investor has taken a year off of his life to building a robot a 2.1-meter tall 250-kilogram robot which means this robot is six feet tall and weighs 551 pounds. The inventor’s family doesn’t support his decision to put a hold on his life to build his robot but it is his dream and his dream may end up making him a lot of money, in the long run, the robot can move his arms, legs, and head and can even follow movement with his eyes. The basic movement of its joint is almost the same as a human’s movement.

it’s just not as flexible he’s able to do this because he has 30 sensors placed all over his body allowing him to follow the movement it has 7 000 electrical wires and over 100 electrical motors the entire robot is built mostly out of scraps and second-hand electrical equipment. its head is even made out of an old liberation army helmet it can even move its mouth and sing a recording of Korean’s version of Gangnam style. the maker claims he’s happy yet sad that he’s finished building it and that it was a great personal challenge.


This boat car is modeled after a video game PUBG. In the game, it’s a flare gun vehicle called the brdm2. Before they modeled it to look like the brdm2 it was a boat with wheels. They had a few problems with it at first like that pumps water into itself. The boat pumping water under it and the chains exploding but they remodeled it to look better and work better. While remodeling it they use thicker steel so the boat car would be less wobbly and use their CNC plasma cutter to touch it up when they were done welding it they installed a go-kart motor and a trolling motor that they got from amazon and after a test drives the boat car went faster than they thought it would.

the speed was a bit of an issue so they had to use their plasma cutter to cut new parts that allowed them to slow their boat car down once they got the speed to a point where they were comfortable they tested it in the water everything went smoothly after they were satisfied with everything they cut up cardboard and used that to make a car shape over the boat spray painted the cardboard it’s better than it was except for the cardboard and they had their boat car.


This guy made his sawmill which looks to be built over a metal trailer and has a 1500 horsepower engine that runs it. It takes a little over a minute to cut through a large log. The cuts come out smooth for a homemade sawmill he manages to cut a lot of planks out of it from large ones to smaller ones. Now he never has to worry about buying pre-cut planks or paying someone else to cut his logs this shows you if you put your mind to something you can get things done yourself and save some money maybe in the long run.


The same guy who made the boat car made his airplane. His first two worked but were not very safe you know what they say third time’s a charm. His first plane was built to get off the ground and fly but it only made it a couple of feet off the ground but for this one, he wanted to fly pretty high. After coloring the plane a bright red and making sure the wings fit on properly he was off to test if it flew and it did this is not for the people who are afraid of.

Flying the plane itself is pretty small it’s only big enough to fit one person with little to no room for anything else but either way it flies they had to put the plane through a few tests before flying it though just to be safe the first plane flight was rushed into causing a rough landing he even tipped over luckily he was not injured just reminded not to rush things when it comes to making your plane after making a few short hops with the plane on the runway then making some small adjustments he was able to fly.


Racing cars can be dangerous so it’s best if you take safety precautions before you drive one. However, this guy built his racing car. The frame was built out of steel then a seat and wheels were added a steering wheel was attached and modifications were made. A motor was added then they started building around the frame adding walls and gears to the car. after the body of the racing car was built they spray painted it orange and added a gloss so it shined they even added a yellow 46 on the hood and other decals like go and a small flame on the sides they took it to a place where they could do donuts in the dirt and drive around with other racing cars.

They even drove it by motorcycles on the road they won a handmade racing car race and even got in the newspaper with their racing car with a lot of hard work and dedication they managed to make a working racing car in their garage that won a race.

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