Guest blogging benefits

Guest blogging benefits

Guest blogging is a very popular content marketing technique. This consists of writing as a guest on a blog. This means that you share information on a website other than yours in exchange for a link to your website.

The site can be highly influential, allowing you to reach a new audience and be more visible. In addition to creating relationships with websites that deal with themes similar to yours or that complement it.

Many think that by sharing their information on other blogs, they can benefit the competition more. But they are wrong, by guest posting, both parties get a lot of benefits.

How to guest blog the right way

If you want to reap the benefits of guest blogging, you must apply it correctly. Otherwise, Google robots can penalize your website. This happens when they don’t share quality content, but they only seek to obtain more links to their website.

To avoid being penalized by the platform, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Share quality content: By this, we mean that you create publications that provide users with relevant information, solutions, or advice. This must be unique.
  • Analyze the blog where you will share your content: Check the website’s status that invited you to participate as a guest author. Evaluate their monthly traffic, the origin of the audience, and the quality of their content. The best thing is that you work with blogs with authority and a good reputation.
  • Place natural links: Make sure they are consistent with the text you wrote and that they look natural within it. Beware of anchor text.
  • Do not guest blog excessively: We recommend not participating with a guest author more than twice a month, since Google could consider that you are abusing the use of guest blogging and penalize you.

Guest blogging benefits

Guest blogging is a widely used strategy due to the many advantages and benefits that it allows both the guest and the blog owner to obtain. Some of them are:

Increase your visibility

By writing or sharing information as a guest on another blog, you reach a different audience than your website. This means that many of those visitors may be interested in your content and go to your website.

This would allow you to increase the number of visits to your site and the number of customers or consumers.

Create relationships with other professionals

Being invited to write on another blog or make an invitation to participate in yours will allow you to build better working relationships.

It also allows you to meet good professionals in the digital area who work with topics similar to those in your sector. You could even make them become great allies.

Improve your reputation

By sharing your well-structured content with truthful information on a recognized blog or with great authority, you will be seen as an expert on that subject by a large percentage of the target audience. Besides, it is a factor that allows you to improve your web positioning.

Every time you have an invitation to another blog and publish information that users consider valuable, the chances that they will use you as a reference in the sector increase.

This can make them much more receptive to the proposals and publications that you make directly on your website.

Generate better leads

If you are going to do guest blogging, you must select very well where you will participate or the guests you want to have on your website. In this way, you can get high-value leads.

Some factors that you should take into account when choosing blogs are:

  • Make sure the blog you choose to participate in as a guest has an audience that may be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Analyze the flow of traffic received by the blog or the website in which you will participate. If it is too low, it may not generate the benefits you expect.
  • If you are allowed to place a link on a website other than yours, make the most of it. That sends users to your website’s main page, to that of a specific product or others. Try that the link is related to the publication in which you place it and generate an action in the users who click on it.

You improve your writing

When you write as a guest author on a blog, it is common that you must comply with a series of guidelines or norms that will be different from those that you apply in the publications of your site. Many of these can help you improve the way you write and structure your post.

Also, you will begin to develop a good capacity for adaptation and skills that will allow you to satisfy other websites’ demands when collaborating with them.

An excellent way to do link building

As we have mentioned, when blogs or websites perform guest blogging, the guest is given the opportunity to leave at least one link on the web where they publish. This, in the form of compensating the efforts of the guest author.

These backlinks or links go from other websites because link building helps the SEO of your website. Since in addition to guaranteeing the increase in traffic, it also allows you to gain relevance for Google and Internet users.

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