How to improve your computer security in 2021?

The start of new year is the best time to make good resolutions for your business. One of the aspects that you should pay attention to is computer security. You can make the best plans and strategies for the success of your business, but if there is not adequate security, a computer incident can generate difficulties.

What steps should you take to improve the IT security of your company in 2021? Is your company ready to face the security challenges of this new year?

The keys to improving your IT security in 2021

This 2020 has undoubtedly been an atypical year and we have learned painful lessons when it comes to computer security.

Many companies were not prepared to manage teleworking and we are highly dependent on our offices as well as physical sales. So in 2021 one of the challenges we must take on is to improve our company to face the challenges of computer security.

Make working online easier

The trend in companies is to work online. With tools such as Microsoft Office 365, you can have Office applications online, without having to have the documents stored on your own computer.

Other tools such as Google documents also allow multiple users to work on the same document in real time. This makes teamwork much easier and allows our employees, even in different locations, to work online.

Ensure the safety of your equipment

Your computer equipment should have a security standard or protocol that allows the protection of data. In this way, we can avoid problems that affect the privacy of the information or even the integrity of the data.

Install an antivirus system and a firewall to keep your computers protected against computer attacks and malware that may affect your company’s computers.

Put more secure passwords

The start of the new year is a great time to get it right with passwords. Perhaps so far you have chosen weak passwords, such as 12345 or simple words to guess. There are tools that can discover these types of passwords by brute force, so ideally, you should change your passwords and set strong passwords.

The best passwords are those that have different types of characters, letters, numbers, hyphens, upper and lower case, etc.

Be careful with your social networks and e-mail

Many viruses or phishing attempts arrive through social media. We must be serious about the use of the company’s social networks. It is not advisable to open links from strangers, even when they supposedly come from well-known companies, as it may be a spoof.

What is applicable to social media must also apply equally to email. If we have emails in which we are asked to provide personal data of the company, such as account numbers, telephone or any other data of this type, we must confirm that it is the official corporate website, and if necessary, call by phone to confirm that the communication that has been made is really from them.

Use a VPN

Ideally, employees working from home should connect to the Internet through a company VPN. This allows them to connect to the network as if they were actually located in your office, rather than directly.

In this way, you will be able to have greater control of security in the actions that your employees have to carry out when using computers.

Use the cloud more

It is much safer to use the cloud than exchanging information via USB sticks or external hard drives. Apart from the fact that these devices can be damaged and you can lose the information that is in them, they are also more susceptible to having viruses.

Especially when we do not know the origin or the places through which a USB has passed, we should be very careful when trying to connect it to our computer.

Update your operating systems

Many people are still using outdated operating systems. Upgrading to a more modern operating system will allow us to protect ourselves from vulnerabilities that have already been discovered on our current OS. Also, remember that an old and outdated operating system has a greater chance of being a victim of ransomware or computer hijacking.

From this perspective, it is essential that your company takes the appropriate steps so that 2021 is a more secure year from the computer point of view. If the tools you work with are not safe, the risks to your business will be much higher. Taking the necessary IT maintenance measures will prevent you from having to take more costly corrective measures in the future.

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