VPN service: how it works and what are the benefits

Do you know what a VPN is and how it works? VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a service that, as its name implies, is all about security and privacy on the internet. Basically, this service creates a kind of parallel network where the user can surf safely.

With VPN service in Portugal or abroad, internet users have a greater guarantee that all communication data transmitted when accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots or other unknown networks are encrypted. Find out more benefits of the VPN service.


How a VPN works

Let’s say that, when using a VPN, in addition to browsing in parallel, you are “telling” the internet that you are browsing in a place where, in fact, you are not.

This means that you may be using the internet in the UK, but pretend that you are using the internet in the USA, in a totally private and secure way. Above all, this type of communication is private because it is encrypted through high compliance and security standards.

In other words, browsing through a VPN guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the data you send to the internet. All data exchanges are highly secure.

VPN connections and remote access

When establishing a VPN connection, a private network is created over the public network, in common use, where most users browse. However, in addition to establishing secure private connections, a VPN connection serves other purposes.

One of the best-known examples is remote access to computers that are located elsewhere. This is a common practice, especially in schools, universities, or other public bodies.

VPN connections are also established between companies, for example, and allow access to files hosted on different computers and located in other cities in the country or in the world.

A VPN service can be used on computers and mobile devices and, although there are free applications for that purpose, the truth is that they do not offer the main features of a VPN.

The main advantages

A VPN connection ensures your privacy on the internet, especially at a time like this, when browsing the web is not as secure as you think. Without a service like this, let’s say that anyone can access your personal data and what you do on the internet (something scary, we know, but it is still true).

In addition, a VPN service ensures that everything you do on the internet is safe and protected from any attacks. A VPN connection also prevents the arrival of possible malware and other viruses, for example.

By installing a VPN on your device, you are also free of most of the advertisements that appear on your screen systematically — since it no longer leaves any trace of your presence on the internet. So say goodbye to personalized advertising.

But there is more: by using a VPN connection, you can also access content that is only available in other countries. This is a very common practice in services such as Netflix or HBO (which offer different series and films depending on the country where they are available).

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