10 Haunted Places In London That’ll Scare You, Harder

a spooky castle in London

1.Westminster Abbey – The most unnerving place of the city

Westminster Abbey is one of the must visit sites of London. This is a historical church, about 1000 years old, located in the west of the Palace of Westminster. Formerly titled as Collegiate Church of St. Peter, this Gothic structure is not only one of the most important religious buildings of London, but a popular coronation place and burial ground for the British monarchs. Over the years, nearly, 3000 people and 17 monarchs have been buried in the ground of Westminster Abbey. The church looks ghostly and spooky after sunset and people have perceived plenty of supernatural occurrences in the premises.

Spooky occurrence: Multiple times, tourists have witnessed the shadow of ghost of John Bradshaw or the floating shadow of ghost of a monk, known as ‘father of Benedictus.’ In the South cloisters of the church, there is a marble statue of Daniel Pulteney, holding a book. Though quite bizarre yet scary to know that many have reported, seeing the statue turning the pages of the book.

2. Tower of London – Hear the shrieks of innocent prisoners

a fort like architecture across a river

Located by the banks of the River Thames, this historical castle is officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and known to be one of the scary places in London. From 1100 to 1952, the Tower of London was used as a prison by the Royal Family. A large number of convicts were tortured, beaten, and beheaded here. To date, visitors continue to feel uncanny, observe scary shadows and get unnerving spine-chilling feelings at some parts of this castle.

Spooky occurrence: People claim to have seen creepy shadows of spirits of Guy Fawkes, Lady Jane Grey, and Henry VI and have heard painful screams of prisoners. In fact, many have seen the shadow of Anne Boleyn- the beheaded wife of Henry VIII, walking with her head, tucked under her arm.

3. Hyde Park – The tale of a non-human graveyard

Hyde park castle and birds flying

Among the popular London horror attractions, Hyde Park is a sprawling 350-acre lush green space, famous for walking, leisure strolls, and day picnics. The park has an adjacent burial ground, with graves of more than 300 pets. Most people visit the park for leisure activities, but many people walking by have sensed unnatural and ghostly appearances, which have chilled their spine.

Spooky occurrence: Mysterious shadows and creepy shrieks, have been experienced by park visitors, particularly after sunset hours.

4. Bruce Castle Museum- Where the British lady recalls her death scene

spooky castle at night

Originally known as the ‘Lordship House’, Bruce Castle was established in 1254. Presently a museum, displaying archives of London Borough of Haringey and history and heritage of London city, this place is known to be one of the most haunted places in London. It is said that in colonial times, Lady Coleraine was held against her will by her cruel husband. He caged her in the upper part of the house. On a November night, she committed suicide by jumping off from the parapet.

Spooky occurrence: Every year, on 3rd November, it is claimed that the unhappy soul of the lady enacts the act and many visitors even hear her painful cry on that day.

5. The Old Operating Theatre Museum- Place of painful cries

inside a wooden museum

This is the museum of surgical history and among the top haunted places in London, England. Located in the attic of the early 18th century church of the old St Thomas’ Hospital, this unique museum displays various innovations and discoveries of surgery and medical sciences. St Thomas’ Hospital has records of many unnatural deaths until 1846, as surgical innovations were unknown till then.

Spooky occurrence: Cries and screams of patients in pain and agony can be heard in secluded corners of the attic and staircases.

6. Spaniards Inn – The eerie side of the iconic pub

a haunted hotel from outside

Situated at one end of Hampstead Heath, Spaniards Inn is an eminent London pub, offering world class dining experience. With vintage décor, wood panels, and lavish collections of wines and spirits; Spaniards Inn is one of the most haunted hotels in London. Spaniards Inn has some dark secrets. Dick Turpin- a famous anti-social of London was a regular visitor here and many of his crimes, like quite a number of brutal murders, were plotted here.

Spooky occurrence: Visitors have witnessed several apparitions at night. The ghost of Dick Turpin and an unknown lady wearing a white outfit haunt the pub often.

7. Old Queen’s Head- The ghostly gastro pub

inside a lavish haunted pub

With antique furniture and stone fireplaces, Old Queen’s Head is a famous eatery in London, known for hosting quizzes, games, live shows and concerts. But people believe that this buzzing pub is also haunted by a lady and a little girl, who was brutally killed here. A famous gastro pub, Old Queen’s Head is undoubtedly another name on the list of haunted places in London, England.

Spooky occurrence: The little girl visits the pub at night. She cries, bangs doors, and runs around the staircases. People have heard her footsteps often.

8. The Flask – The story of the heartbroken barmaid

chairs and tables in an outdoor cafe

If you’re looking for some crazy London ghost tours at night, do pay a visit The Flask. This buzzing pub of Highgate talks about a couple of haunting incidents. Proofs reveal that a Spanish barmaid hanged herself in the cellar, after being heartbroken by her lover. Legend also showcases that the first-ever autopsy in London took place in the committee room of the pub. Enough scary. Insist it?

Spooky occurrence: A man in Cavalier’s uniform and an unknown lady, draped in white had been seen by many, roaming in the main bar area.

9. Greenwich Foot Tunnel- The scary pathway

a haunted tunnel

Greenwich Foot Tunnel is an underground tunnel, beneath River Thames, stretching from Isle of Dogs to Greenwich. This public highway, inaugurated in 1902 is a free walkway for all, but after sunset, this dimly lit tunnel turns out to be one of the most haunted places in London. The pin-drop silence inside the tunnel, sounds of dripping water from the roof, and scary ambiance always scare the hell out of every person, walking by.

Spooky occurrence: Echoes of footsteps is commonly heard by many, who have traveled through this tunnel, in the evening.

10. Bleeding Heart Yard- The name says it all

a haunted yard

Bleeding Heart Yard is a cobbled courtyard, named after the antique picture of the Virgin Mary, stabbed with 5 swords. The background story of the place is as horrific as its name. Legend has it, that the mutilated body of Lady Elizabeth Hatton was found in the middle of the courtyard. She had been killed and her legs strewn across the ground, but her heart still pumped blood. This gruesome incident had labeled Bleeding-Heart Yard, as one of the most frightening places in London,

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