7 reasons Manchester is one of the world’s top tourist destinations

Although many associate this name with football teams, Manchester is the second largest city in England. Here we tell you the 5 reasons to go to Manchester.

1) A valuable collection of papyri

On any walkthrough Manchester, if there is an unexpected and fantastic visit, it is one of its historical libraries that bears the name of “John Rylands Library,” a gift from Enriqueta Rylands to the city in 1899. Stepping on these neo-Gothic construction rooms, the visitor has the feeling of being in a cathedral full of books, maps, manuscripts, and historical documents. These treasures include a Gutenberg Bible dated 1455, a collection of more than a thousand Egyptian, Arab and Coptic papyri, and one of the world’s largest books on the birds of America. The piece is one meter high and was printed in 1830.

2) Soccer

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Manchester is football. It is home to the most famous soccer teams in the world: Manchester United and Manchester City. You can visit the stadiums of each team and experience the passion up close. Also, you can’t stop going to Cafe Football, a restaurant that takes the food sold in a stadium and makes it more gourmet.

3) Vintage Neighborhood: Northern Quarter

If you like old shops or products, this is your neighborhood. Northern Quarter is one of Manchester’s top box office neighborhoods. You can find from vintage stores to bars and cafes with live music on all corners.

4) Gay Village

It is one of the most famous gay neighborhoods in England. Whatever your sexual tendency, you have to visit its streets and restaurants. You will be impressed by the tolerance, respect, and culture of the place, much more advanced than anywhere in the world. You cannot stop going to Beacon of Hope or Faro de Esperanza, it is a square that pays tribute to all those people who lost their lives due to the AIDS disease. Visit its bars: Vanilla, Velvet, and New Union.

5) The art of LS Lowry

The largest collection of LS Lowry’s works is housed in the famous Lowry building. Among his paintings, the Industrial Revolution stands out as the city’s main theme and what led it to be what it is today. In addition, it is a great cultural center, it has two theaters where concerts, plays, dances, and comedies are held.

6) Hiking in the Pennines

Manchester is located very close to the mountain range known as the Pennines, which is located in the middle of England. From there, the famous route of the Pennine Route or Pennine Way begins. A 429 kilometer long dirt road that separates the North East and North West of England. Although it is a very famous route, it is not at all easy. You must be prepared to do it and have a good physical condition.

7) A great cultural festival

In summer, locals and tourists have an appointment at the Manchester International Festival. This event is held every two years and is considered the most important of those organized in England for its music, film, theater, dance events.

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