8 Islands No One Wants For Even $1

Everyone wants their private island right? Yeah, I guess. Well, not these private islands no matter how cheap they are people refuse to buy these strange places from tragic histories to intense yearly flooding. these islands just aren’t worth the risk they’ve housed prisons asylums and so of hidden conditions that make buyers beware there are $500 islands like Pitcairn but with a troubled past and zero opportunities for growth the island getaway just isn’t worth that tiny price tag.

Here are 10 private islands that you could buy but you probably won’t want to.



This man-made island is an abandoned 19th-century military installation in the Patapsco River in Baltimore County. It was constructed during the American Civil War to protect Baltimore from enemy approach but it’s now for sale and can be yours for just $31500 but there are lots of issues with the fort while you’d probably have the most unique home out of all of your friends. The island is now overrun by thousands of birds it’s also hard to access the island and providing the land with utilities would be a real challenge plus the fort is falling apart.

So destroying it would probably be necessary to make it a liveable home. Except Baltimore isn’t too keen on that idea in a lot of ways the fort is a historical site so they’re very picky about what you can do with it. the fort was once sold to someone who wanted to turn it into a casino but gambling isn’t entirely legal in Baltimore so those plans were scrapped on the island was put back up for sale. so if you’re looking for a party Island this probably isn’t the place for you.



The islands of the Motumatatahi in French Polynesia are up for sale for about two hundred and sixty thousand dollars apiece. The island is surrounded by a blue lagoon picturesque white beaches and the weather is pretty wonderful. Sounds like paradise right? Well, there are a few minor issues with the island first it’s incredibly polluted with trash constantly washing up onshore. Second, there are high levels of radiation all over the island because from 1960 to 1996 France carried out numerous nuclear tests in the South Pacific afterward scientists discovered illnesses like cancer linked to these tests.

So choosing to live on the island is a risk that most people aren’t willing to take if the pollution and radiation aren’t enough there’s also a lot of unfair double weather conditions on the island including cyclones, tsunamis, floods, erosion, and landslides. Plus, rising sea levels threatened to eventually put the entire island completely underwater they’re also annual droughts on the island making whoever chooses to live there dependent on rainwater for a few months each year that doesn’t sound very relaxing.



Authorities will give you free land if you’re willing to live there well the island is only 2 square miles there’s always good weather and warm water to enjoy the Pitcairn has a dark past and most Island buyers aren’t willing to be a part of it in 2004 a scandal rocked the small island the mayor and six others were imprisoned for assaulting miners since then the island has had a bad reputation and its population is shrunk to less than 50.

If the bad vibes don’t scare you away from the island a few other things might there are no jobs only one general store and you have to order food three months in advance and it will cost you thirty-three hundred and eighty-three dollars just to travel to and from the remote island but if you don’t mind the seclusion and cost of travel you can even pass up the free land offer and buy yourself a $500 private island off the shore sandy beaches and blue water included but don’t expect to do much socializing while you’re there.



Doxa island is on the market for just 2 million euros. Off the coast of Dubrovnik, it comes complete with immense woodlands and private beaches and also a lot of human remains at the end of World War 2 Yugoslavia rounded up over 300 people accused of being German collaborators. about 50 of them were brought to Daka island where they were executed without trial the remains were left unattended on the island for years which leads many to believe that parts of the sandy beaches are mixed with human ash.

The bodies did receive a proper burial in 2010 but most were never identified. if the idea of living amongst these tragic remains doesn’t bother you then maybe the gorgeous Franciscan monastery that’s been on the island since 1281 might tempt you to pack up and move there but keep in mind the island is uninhabited and rarely visited and it might be hard to convince your friends to visit your dreary new digs.



Poveglia island has had no shortage of uses over the years there aren’t many good things to say about this 72,000 square meter island it’s on sale for about $700,000 but keep in mind you’ll have a lot of decaying buildings to deal with like a church a hospital and an asylum just off the coast of Italy Poveglia was used to house victims of the plague in the Middle Ages thousands of infected people lived here in their bodies were dumped into mass graves.

Then during the 1920s became home of a mental institution which has a bad reputation for its inhumane conditions and procedures since then the island has been bought and sold a few times with no one willing to hold on to the property the Italian government is very picky about what can be done on the island turning it into a vacation resort has been turned down before and it’s very difficult to get approval to tear down the buildings but you’d be willing to live here if you had to keep all the tragic,



Are you on the market for a whopping collection of six islands? Even if you are you probably still won’t want these. there’s not a whole lot wrong with picabucu islands at first glance located on the San Francisco River in northeastern Brazil the 81.5 8 acres of islands have unique wildlife and wonderful views for seventy-nine thousand five hundred dollars it seems like a bargain but there’s a reason they’re still on the market.

if you shell out the money for these islands you’re only buying the right to use them for 99 years well that might not be a problem for you it’s hard to throw your money into a deal worth thousands of dollars that your family will eventually have to give up. Plus the islands come with hidden costs from the government. They’re subject to some vague small yearly taxes accessing the island is also incredibly difficult so making a resort would be expensive and worthless. This is why you need to read the fine print.



They called Tillamook Island terrible Tilly for a reason. that’s not a traditional island it’s a lighthouse off the coast of Oregon on a huge rock but it’s private and has an amazing 360-degree view from the top of the lighthouse plus the price is dropped from $500,000 to just fifty thousand dollars the only problem is you might get swept away by waves at any moment the island has a history of people being swept out to sea.

In the 19th century, a surveyor was taken by a wave and never seen again and more recently a group of workers was busy doing construction on the lighthouse when all of their tools belongings and food were swept away by huge waves which left them stranded for days, yeah the small island isn’t very nice to it residents a majority of the island disappears when tides rise so there’s not much land to explore but it’s the perfect place to hide out in the lighthouse if that’s your sort of thing.



The little rocky island is an adorable eight-acre island off the coast of Nova Scotia Canada for ninety-eight thousand Canadian dollars this island’s white sandy beach and gorgeous forests could be all yours. But if you’re looking for a tropical getaway this is not the place for you. The islands warmest month in August when temperatures only reach about 16 degrees Celsius or 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter drops to about negative 8 degrees Celsius or 17.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

so there’s not much sunbathing done on this island that’s not the only problem at the island it’s only a part-time Island because when tides start to fall a sandy path is revealed that leads to the mainland this could be a bonus for some people but those who are on the market for a private island would rather buy you know an actual Island but it could be the perfect spot for a little winter cabin if you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spare.

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