9 Places In Hong Kong For Best Instagram Pics – Must Visit

Graham Graffiti

1. Skye, The Park Lane


Rooftop bars in Hong Kong are great for Instagram in Hong Kong as the skyline in Hong Kong is beautiful and Hong Kong photography spots. Tall towering skyscrapers, all lit make it feel like stars have come down in the Earth. It is great for those who want to soot for something fancy like, clothes or jewelry etc.

2. Food Trucks

Food Truck

If you are one who loves colors, themes, and food then check out the interesting food trucks that roam around in Hong Kong. These food trucks are pretty a perfect background for anything you shot and will keep you from starving. It is more likely a hidden photography spot in Hong Kong and gives travelers more to explore with.

3. Flower Stairs, Yau Ma Tei

Flower Stairs

These stairs are very interesting as they are beautiful patterns that are made on stairs. Travelers can play around and create beautiful concept around the stair.The Floral Stairs in Yau Ma Tei, close to the Yaumati Kaifong Association School and makes one of the most instagrammable places in Hong Kong. It is great for top shots also, which will create an illusion of plain.

4. Forbes Street Wall Trees, Forbes Street

Forbes Tree Wall

If anyone wants to click something different, then this is the place for them. The Forbes Street Wall Trees is one of the 10 instagrammable places in Hong Kong which has a very offbeat look to itself. it can be used to create not only pretty images but also concept images that can be great for your instagram.This is situated on the Forbes Street, Hong Kong.

5. Nam Shan Estate, Sham Shui Po

Nam Sham

Something very striking about the buildings in Hong Kong is symmetry.The buildings are made in perfect symmetry with each other creating a treat for eyes. It is surely one of that should be tried to create extremely interesting images. This is surely one of the most instagrammable places in Hong Kong.

6. Instagram Pier, Kennedy Town

Instagram Pier

The whole city is beautiful as discussed before and every nook and corner can be named in the most. The city is beautiful making every nook and corner the most instagrammable place in Hong Kong. But Instagram Pier is special as it is quite evident by the name. The breathtaking view of the ocean is truly amazing and a must visit in Hong Kong whether travelers Instagram it or not.

7. Choi Hung Estate, Choi Hung

Choi Hung

Choi Hung Estate is another building area which just makes any picture look amazing. It is surely one of the most instagrammable place in Hong Kong and a must visit. It is one of the oldest housing complex in Hong Kong made in 1962. It was painted rainbow to make people happier.

8. Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping

Tian Tan Buddha

For all those who are travel photographers this is the place for them. This huge statue of Lord Buddha with perfect sky at almost all times will make their instagram pop. It is amongst the most instagrammable places in Hong Kong and is a must visit. It will be a hit on insta and great for having a relaxed day.

9. Graham Street Graffiti, Sheung Wan

Graham Street Graffiti

This is one of the popular places amongst the list of most instagrammable places in Hong Kong. Many of the readers might know about this location and yet its still worth a mention because it’s great and should be on any travelers visit when they visit Hong Kong. This street has beautiful graffitis and worth admiration.

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