Top 10 Must Visit Places In Morocco

places to visit in morocco

Some people travel to enjoy, and some travel to explore. If without any second thoughts, you feel you’re the one who falls under the latter, then it’s time you put Morocco on your bucket list!

Apart from some of the best places to visit in Morocco, the country also transcends you to a culture and lifestyle, that can rarely be experienced anywhere today.

But Why Should You Visit Morocco?

reasons to visit morocco

If this is the first question that popped up in your head the moment we suggested you to put it on your list, well, here’s why:

  • Extremely warm, welcoming, and lovely people
  • Rich Culture
  • Spellbinding places to go in Morocco
  • Exquisite accommodation options
  • Exotic food, which is a great blend of various cultures
  • Bustling nightlife and an endless number of shopping avenues
  • Absolutely worth your time and money

And When Should You Visit Morocco?

best time to visit morocco

Anytime between March to May is a good time to visit this country if you want to travel and experience the real beauty of the Morocco tourist attractions.

10 Best Places To Visit In Morocco That You Can Include In Your Travel Bucket List!

And now that you know why and when to go, scroll through this dropdown of 10 Morocco tourist places so that you know where exactly you should head to for an unforgettable holiday experience!

10. Meknes

places to visit in meknes morocco

Despite its old age and architecture, Meknes makes its way to the list of the top best places to visit in Morocco. It is located in the north of Morocco, and is a 9th-century medina and also one of the country’s previous capitals. On your visit here, while you might feel that it’s not as fine as the other cities to visit in Morocco, but the royal palace and other major historical sites are an ideal stop to learn about Morocco’s culture.

Visit For: Exploring the major historical sites like Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Bab Mansour, Dar Jamai Museum, etc.
Most Popular Attraction: Roman ruins of Volubilis
Things To Do:

  • Take a day trip to the hilltop pilgrimage town of Moulay Idriss
  • Visit the Dar Jamai Museum to learn about Morocco’s architecture
  • Capture pictures of the magnificent Bab Mansour Gate

9. Asilah

Paradise Beach Asilah

Situated on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast, seaside Asilah is popular amongst the tourists and citizens as a hot summer spot. Apart from the sandy beaches, the city walls covered in colorful murals also make this city one of the top Morocco places to visit! If you are here during August, don’t forget to attend the town’s vibrant annual Arts Festival!

Visit For: Enjoying some respite from the heat.
Most Popular Attraction: Paradise Beach
Things To Do:

  • Shop in the little souk
  • Head to Restaurant Oceano Casa Pepe for a fancy lunch
  • Visit Aplanos, the famous art gallery

8. High Atlas

Highest mountain range morocco

Being North Africa’s highest mountain range, High Atlas is popularly known as mountain of mountains. This place is a paradise for trekkers, especially from spring to autumn. It runs diagonally across Morocco for approximately 1000 kms, and its saw-toothed Jurassic peaks act as a weather barrier. Out of all the best places to visit in Morocco, this one is so beautiful that it will take your breath away!

Visit For: The love of mountains and trekking.
Most Popular Attraction: Jebel Toubkal
Things To Do:

  • Go for a hiking trail in the Toubkal National Park
  • Explore the souvenir shops and restaurants in Imlil
  • Enjoy spectacular views from the Tizi n’Test Pass

7. Essaouira (Mogador)

Old port city Essaouira Morocco

Essaouira is one of the top Morocco tourist attractions. And not just because it’s a great city to get away from the heat and monotony of the big city’s lifestyle, but also because it’s the place where season three of Game of Thrones was shot! What makes it more popular is that back in the 60’s, this seaside town was a popular beach hangout for celebrities like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley.

Visit For: Your Love For Game Of Thrones And Beaches
Most Popular Attraction: Essaouira Citadel
Things To Do:

  • Stroll through the medina or wander along the wall to take in gorgeous views of the Atlantic ocean
  • Explore the ramparts
  • Go for horse riding, or windsurfing and kitesurfing
  • If possible, attend the Gnaoua World Music Festival

6. Chefchaouen

blue city morocco

Set amidst the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen – also known as the blue city is a small town in a huge landscape. Amongst all the Morocco cities to visit, this one is popular for solo traveling and exploring the town’s famous blue and white painted houses.

streets of chefchaouen

Visit For: Shopping handicrafts and best Morocco souvenirs.
Most Popular Attraction: Kasbah
Things To Do:

  • Go for hiking and wild swimming in the surrounding countryside
  • Enjoy a drink amidst the architecture of the Outa el Hammam square
  • Soak in the fascinating waterfalls of Ras El Maa

5. Sahara Desert

horse riding in desert morocco

The desert is absolutely a must visit when you’re in Morocco. From watching the gorgeous sunset over the dunes to gazing at the sky full of bright stars, every experience in the desert is captivating and unforgettable. Make sure that out of all the best places to visit in Morocco, you do keep a few days for a trip to the Sahara Desert!

Visit For: Incredible views and sleeping under a canopy of stars.
Most Popular Attraction: Merzouga
Things To Do:

  • Try desert safaris or camel caravans
  • Savour the picturesque views of the Draa Valley, which stretches from the city of Ouarzazate into the desert.
  • Interact with the natives
  • Go for a camel safari group trek

4. Rabat

Hassan Tower Rabat

Situated on the coast, Rabat is the country’s capital and one of the top Morocco tourist attractions. The year round good weather and the tranquil beaches are only a couple of reasons behind its popularity. The city has a new portion, which has wide boulevards and outdoor cafes, and the old town or medina, which has fortified walls. Make sure you don’t skip this place off your itinerary!

Visit For: Beaches, palaces, and museums.
Most Popular Attraction: Kasbah of the Udayas.
Things To Do:

  • Take a tour of the Hassan Tower
  • Visit Chellah and escape the crowd
  • Buy anything from souvenirs to fresh produce from the medina

3. Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca

While Casablanca might not be as atmospheric as the other cities, it is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Morocco, and the ideal representation of modernity. The city’s stunning moresque buildings, which meld the French-colonial design with the traditional Moroccan style, is the best thing to admire here.

Visit For: Dazzling dining and nightlife scenes.
Most Popular Attraction: Hassan II Mosque
Things To Do:

  • Get around the city in a Casa Tramway
  • Enjoy scenic views of the city from the Casablanca Twin Center
  • Visit the King’s Palace and witness the Islamic architectural masterpiece

2. Ouarzazate

Taourirt Kasbah in Oaurzazate

If you’ve always fancied the arid desert scenes in Hollywood movies, you’ll be excited to know that some of your favorite desert classics may have passed through Morocco at some point during their filming. Morocco has been welcoming Hollywood directors since the ‘60s, and the town of Ouarzazate has been a hub of it all. So now you know what makes this city one of the best places to visit in Morocco!

Visit For: Touring the sets of Hollywood.
Most Popular Attraction: Cinema Museum
Things To Do:

  • Take a tour of the Atlas Film Studios where movies like Cleopatra and Kingdom of Heaven were shot
  • Explore the restaurants and shops in the Main Square
  • Visit the settlement of Ait Ben Haddou, which was used as a setup for movies like Lawrence of Arabia and The Living Daylights

1. Marrakech

top tourist destination morocco

Located north of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is a bustling city with a large medina, and one of the popular Morocco tourist attractions. From the central square of Djemma El-Fna to the El Badi Palace, and the bustling souks or bazaars, there’s a lot to do and see here!

Koutoubia Mosque Marrakech

Visit For: A great mix of culture, food, and red old architecture
Most Popular Attraction: Koutoubia Mosque
Things To Do:

  • Visit the Jemaa El Fna and shop at the souks
  • Learn about Morocco’s culture through the Dar Si Said Museum
  • Grab a drink at Kechmara or have a fancy dinner at Hotel La Maison Arabe
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