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Hidden forest in Japan

Most of us do have plans for a dream home where we would like to spend our days post-retirement. While we’re still thinking about it, two retired ladies from Japan are rocking it in an awe-inspiring hidden forest house. Take a look!

Forest house in Japan also known as Jikka

Jumping right into the lap of nature, “Jikka” which means home in Japanese, is a cluster of five tent-like structures. Located right in the heart of Japan’s main island Honshu, Jikka is built on the ridge of a mountain in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Much famed for its lush green tea estates and plantations, Shizuoka is also home to the eminent Mount Fuji. The striking aspect of this hidden treasure amidst Japanese forest that makes it one of the most beautiful locations in Japan is that of its close proximity to the seas and mountains.

View of the Mt Fuji from the forest home Jikka

Incepted as Project Jikka originally, this masterpiece is designed by Issei Suma, a Japanese architect who considers this creation “as unembellished as a primitive hut and something as holy as a chapel”. (Source: The Huffington Post)

Fulfilling more than one purpose at a time, this is the largest tent-like structure that serves as a café in the afternoon and a base of food delivery service for two elderly-retired women for whom it was originally designed.

View of the Jikka from the top

At 60, these wonder women are a team wherein one is a cook and the other is a social worker. With a campsite kind of resemblance, Jikka is a combination of timber on the inside and concrete setting on the outside.

All the structures have a flat square base with high ceilings wherein the conical roofs act as natural skylights and the concrete floor eradicates the necessity of cooling and heating.

Interior and exterior view of the Jika

The most special part is that this forest house also serves as a rehabilitation center for the differently-abled who require nursing care. In this way, the ladies feel they’re contributing to the society the best they can.

That’s not all. Jikka consists of all the comforts like that of a spacious kitchen, a dining area, a bath and pool area that is accessible via wheelchair, bedrooms for the owners and a guest room.

Inside view of Jikka

For all those who would want to escape into nature, it would definitely be in such a place without having to get out of one’s comfort zone. With a feel of nothing less than a dream come true, Jikka is truly a body of sophistication with an enchanted soul!

Guess J.R.R. Tolkien was right when he said, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”.

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