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While we humans dream of gaining superpowers in becoming an Avenger there are already many creatures on earth that are reveling with their astonishing abilities but surprisingly not many people know about. From being immortal firing out air bullets or creating one of the strongest substances on the planet all of these creatures are amazing every so often saw these species have developed abilities or attribute that they shouldn’t have either. We’re going to look at the unusual abilities and powers that these special creatures have in their arsenal as well as look at how much there would so let’s get started.


In 2016 a video went viral of a large chimpanzee fight at Twycross zoo in England two of the chimps involved were hairless yet the exact cause of the hair loss is unknown however one of the chimps called Mongo apparently inherited this look from his hairless father jumbo due to this it’s believed that it was caused by alopecia rather than stress causing the chimps to shed drastically the hair loss is not affected Jumbo too much as he’s seen as the dominant chimp in the Twycross zoo and most of the US it’s illegal to own a chimpanzee due to their immense strength however in the right states and with a permit, people can get one as a pet.


Have you ever wanted to try your hand at hypnotism well instead of grabbing a pocket watch and a pliable person you can use a chicken simply hold the chickens head to the ground then draw a straight line from the chicken’s beak and out it can either be in the ground with your finger or by using chalk the chicken will be mesmerized by the line they can stay like this for thirty seconds up to thirty minutes if the line is destroyed the chicken is nudged gently or startled by a large noise they’ll snap out of their trance this trance is known as tonic immobility essentially the chicken is playing possum but since the chicken is blinking breathing they’re not too great at it if you’re after a chicken to try this out.


Sharks love to eat often they’ll overeat will consume things that are difficult to digest such as feathers and bones. Well, sharks aren’t able to vomit the contents of their stomach like we are so in a highly stressful situation the shark will vomit its whole stomach out yeah it’s pretty weird and gross. The reason is to believe that the removal of these difficult foods will make it easier for the shark to escape from the situation the shark will also do this if Navy is something that upsets their system. when the stomach pops out it’s then cleaned by the surrounding water before being ingested once again if you want to get a shark for your aquarium you can buy a horn shark online for around four hundred and fifty-five dollars just for the aquarium alone it can cost fifteen thousand to one million dollars depending on their size.


in 2018 a new ant species was discovered in the Borneo jungle of Asia this species of ant is called Kola Bop ss explode ins if you decipher the last part of its scientific name you might realize what these ants can do when they’re threatened they latch on to the predator and bite down on them then they angle their lower half directly at their attacker and flex their abdomens hard so hard that it ruptures and covers the threat of a bright yellow toxic substance. the smell of which has been weirdly compared to curry however this act does cause the exploding ant to perish they put everything on the line for their colony since these ants are a new breed getting hold of them as a pet is tricky however for those looking to get the ant farm we’ve got a couple of options for you firstly there’s a gel farm that allows the ants to create their tunnels online that can cost Iran 70 euros around $79 for a massive acrylic farm the price starts at around three hundred and eighty euros or four hundred and twenty-nine dollars.


The pistol shrimp is the Jesse James of the sea world. when it’s hunting it hides under some debris and weights when it sees some prey it gets ready by extending one of its specialized claws then the shrimp quickly snaps the claw closed this pressure fires out an air bubble bullet towards its prey the phrase then disoriented in the shrimp then feasts the air travels around 62 miles per hour it’s really loud as well reaching 218 decibels that are louder than the average firecracker at 150 anything above 150 can rupture the human eardrum on top of this the bubble raises the temperature around the prey if solo luminous essence occurs this is when light is created from the imploding bubbles it can be up to five thousand five hundred degrees Celsius.


if you thought the air was safe from snakes yeah sorry think again there are several flying snake species especially in Asian jungles the genus of Christ’ Sapele can climb up a tree once they reach the top they make some calculations then when they’re ready they jump off in a j-shaped they instantly suck in their abdomen and flatten their ribcage to become more like a wing the snake then glides across the air as they continue slithering in a snake fashion, yeah I know sounds pretty terrifying the snakes glide to save energy when traveling the jungle and also avoid the ground level predators it’s also far quicker for them to glide is they can cover a large distance in a fraction of the time they can glide better than flying squirrels you too can have a flying snake.

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